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  1. Montana Artifacts (Newly Revised)

    Okay, hopefully these are much better! With a few additions.
  2. Montana Artifacts #3.

    Some of my favorites.
  3. Montana Artifacts #2

    Here are some points.
  4. Montana Artifacts #1.

    Here are some Montana artifacts that I have found. Some have already been posted and a few have not been shared before. I guess that I have been reluctant to share until now.
  5. Question?

    If you have a certain sample that has been looked at by an authority, and had the sample tested, and is assumed to be meteorite material, where would you be able to sell the item?
  6. Some Really Nice Finds

    This last weekend the wife and I had permission to hunt the ranch again. My wife found three nice side-notches, and one was rather nice other than the one ear broken. She also found a heart-breaker of a knife. I was fortunate to find one that was on my "bucket list". It was a super nice Eden...
  7. Found Something Really Cool!

    Found this eroding out of an arroyo washout due to all the rain we are getting. At first I just thought that it was a regular vertebra but after cleaning it off I could not believe what I was seeing. I told my wife that I think that we have something pretty special, don't you think. After doing...
  8. Went Hiking This Past Weekend.

    Went for a little walk this last Saturday. Some wild flowers. Some ''Indian Paintbrush'' there are three color phases that I have found (red, orange, and yellow
  9. 6/6/19 Some Nice Finds.

    The two on the top row were found by my wife within thirty feet of each other. They look like they were made by the same person using the same material. They were found in a hunting corridor, where game would travel down from a saddle between two hills. The obsidian point was found in two...
  10. Need a Machanics Advice!

    I am working on a 2000 GMC 1500 pickup, with a5.3 v-8 engine. I was sure that the reason that it just quit was because the fuel pump quit working. The reason was that the gas gauge on the dash would show empty whenever the tank reached half empty. Anyways, I replaced the fuel pump (which...
  11. Just A Refresher And Thanks!

    I Just wanted to thank those here that have helped me learn more and keep things straight. I have made a few mistakes, but that's all in the learning. Back in 2012 I learned a valuable lesson and would like to thank Chris, 11kbp, Joshua, Hippy, Jamie, Steve, and any others. I still do not know...
  12. ''Remembering Larson1951''

    Today would have been his birthday, ''Happy Birthday!'' He was such a kind and generous person.
  13. Mystery Piece?

    I found this item and I am unsure what it could have been used for. I believe it is hematite, and the hematite that is found in the immediate area is normally in crystaline form. I have never found any type of hematite that has been polished in this manner. It has been suggested that it may have...
  14. Some Of This Years Best Finds. (Finally!)

    First it was my personal computer, then when I got it going my camera died on me. So I was privileged to borrow a friends camera and be able to share with you some of the better finds from this years hunts. A really nice knife. A nice point. Pretty little triangle...
  15. Lost A Very Dear and Faithful Friend Today!

    I lost my faithful treasure hunting buddy today. She was always not far from me and always kept an eye out for anything that tried to sneak up on me. At times she even would inspect the hole and make sure nothing was moving in it. I will really miss her after being a part of my life for 12 years.
  16. The OLD Million Dollar Highway

    The ''OLD'' Million Dollar Highway I found this photo that was titled the Million Dollar Highway between Quray and Silverton. If I am correct this is in Colorado? And if you broke down this is how you were towed back to civilization and the garage.
  17. Found This Today. Used As?

    I found this. this afternoon and not sure what it's function was for sure. It looks like a chisel. On the working end you can see where the bone was cut, and the other end shows the pores of the inner bone where it was probably chewed on by the pack rats. It was found in a north-east facing...
  18. Nothing Like A Successful And Enjoyable Fishing Trip.

    My wife and I decided to not miss out on the Kokanee Salmon spawn at Fort Peck Reservoir. We had a great time and were able to get twelve Salmon. Beginning the first of October you are permitted to snag the Salmon as they return to where they were released when they were first stocked into the...
  19. Finally Got Out, But Mostly Heart-Breakers.

    Well, the Mrs. and I got out and mostly found these heart-breakers. The side-notch of course is missing the tip, but that's the way it goes. I also found the mano in a wash where the Spring rains washed it out. In the picture with the point is a small flake knife that has a flute in it...
  20. I Need Some Insight On This Sacagawea Dollar.

    I traded this dollar the other day from my brother. It does not have a date on the face side, but there is a 2010 date on the rim. I would like to hear your thoughts. It does not appear to be rubbed off.