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  1. Is Wall Streets full of crooks ?

    That's odd, I thought they spelled it "M.I.N.E." The word "Crook" barely grazes as to what they really are. I'd say they are insider terrorists that love to see us rot from the inside out. I missed ya TNet!!!
  2. Silver paper found!!!!! plus franks!!!!!!!!!!

    The $5 bill at my local Coin Cradle is being offered for $4000. GREAT FIND.
  3. RINGADING QUADFECTOR Gold, Silver, SS, Junk

    My name just changed to jealous.
  4. Romney Vs Burns

    Very funny:). I want to print this out on a poster and get Obama to sign it. Obama=Happyness. Not Obama= Same ol' crap.
  5. Doctors office

    It DOESN'T MATTER anymore whether it was done by illegal or legal firearms. Theres still MILLIONS of both illegal and legal guns. It's like the arguement of rifle or handguns blah blah. Still dangerous. Still have bullets, still pointless. The majority of humans are responsible enough with guns...
  6. "Bucket List" is getting smaller.......PL 950 found at low tide

    GREAT FINDS. I don't know about the "bucket list" tho, you certainly don't appear old enough at all to even have started that thing. I LOVE the setup of the photoshots. Really brings out the ring, makes it seen like such a precious mineral.
  7. Connecticut to sign gun controls after Newtown massacre

    No no, I'm not trying to get people worked up. Just trying to change some minds. If you want to get angry about something get angry about the handful of people that have been shot and killed somewhere in the world as I type this. Ever tried that? Ever try looking at your watch every 3-5mins and...
  8. Doctors office

    LOVE this thread. Rich in humor and that poor Doc. What round are you guys on with this? I'll start the next one, round 9, *ding ding.* I think soon they'll have to ask everyone and it'll be justified by them "determining depression or PTSD behaivor." That's just my thought. Guns make me...
  9. The Outdoors Channel Pulls Production out of CO due to proposed gun laws

    If we illegally seized the land back in the day and practically killed everyone off, doesn't that make us all illegals? Just a thought;). I love walking down the road and seeing all the different types of people, it makes for fun variety and constant creation. If we were all just a buncha...
  10. Connecticut to sign gun controls after Newtown massacre

    As I've said before, I will take all your guns, melt them down and make homes and shelters for everyone. If every other word out of people's mouths remains "constitution" or "guns," we will never get anywhere. Guns are pointless. They were and ARE created out of fear. We don't need to be able to...
  11. These are the morons writing our laws

    OF COURSE TNET. This crayon is white, no it's tan you racist.
  12. These are the morons writing our laws

    It's easy to see who owns stashes of guns on here and who doesn't. Obama will save us all. I will melt all your guns down and build homes and shelters for everyone. :censored:
  13. Hi All !!

  14. Colorado Sheriff Savages Obama ‘Fear & Grandstanding’ To Push Gun Control

    Yeah I was being a little too strong with my wording. I had a thread get deleted. The word "racist" to me is so strange. With my job, as a Corrections Officer, 74% of our current offenders in this particular prison are white. So if I were to say to some random Joe, "yeah we've got mostly white...
  15. Man Charged With Terrorism For Criticizing School Security

    Unfortunately we are not responsible enough anymore to handle both real guns or toy guns. I wonder why that many of the same "style" Presidents, Obama was the first to not be that "style"....hmmmm....strange??
  16. Colorado Sheriff Savages Obama ‘Fear & Grandstanding’ To Push Gun Control

    I'll correct it then: Average American asks LinkHylian, "Do you think me not liking Obama makes me look fat?" LinkHylian replies, "Well you certainly aren't carry-on." Someday I will take ALL your guns, melt them down, and build homes and shelters for everyone. Sorry for the "racism" stuff...
  17. What would you Do???

    From how it sounds and yada yada, you are already somewhat skeptical of this guy. Like he'd F you over somehow. Clearly from how you talk it sounds like you would do more/offer more than this individual. Your doubt flurishes in your words. I can tell you think he'll screw you over and won't...
  18. A true treasure

    That stone/slab is truly remarkable. It's beautiful. I don't really care who is in it, man or woman. All I know is when I look at it a nice calming effect comes over me. The bottom pool thingy looks like hands held together and open, almost like someone about to accept the Body of...
  19. Dumb a$$es at the park

    Thank you!!! LEASH LAWS WERE CREATED FOR A REASON PEOPLE. I say this as I stare down at my left hand and gaze at 2 large K9 teeth scars from when I was 4yrs old. Imagine me digging up a plug and then suddenly *growl bite bark bite* "Omg fluffy nooooooo!!!!" KACHING goes the 2013 suit.