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  1. What is this??

    Found in a creek-bed in AZ last year.
  2. Happy New Year!

    Wishing y'all the very best for 2013! May y'all have a prosperous year! Also - a great 'thank you' for contributions and advice and the way so many of you generously share your (sometimes) hard-earned experiences. Per
  3. Thank goodness!!

    Yeehaw - we're back up again!! About time - I have suffered severe withdrawal-symptoms! So to the admin(s) - thank you, thank you, thank you!!
  4. The Wagoner Lost Ledge

    OK - I _know_ that this is strictly _not_ the LDM, but it _is_ in the Superstitions Mountains and it well may be connected to the LDM. I am starting this to see if somebody may have some info on the subject - other than the links I am posting - so here we go: (Thanks to Roy/Oro for these two)...
  5. The Two Soldiers

    Unfortuneately I'm a long way from the Superstitions (been there once, though - hoping to get back). I have been following the LDM-topics for some few years now and it always seems to boil down to: "he said this, she said that - who can we trust?" Seeing that the LDM has not yet (as far as we...