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  1. Goodbye TN. ..Hello Ohio

    Y'all miss me ? Well I've been moving and haven't posted for quite a while now. I had to pull up roots in Tennessee and move back home to the state I was born and raised in. Certain things beyond some control takes hold and forces your hand so you make some hard decisions. This was one of them...
  2. Baseball Field Finds

    Got a chance to get down to the local ballfield at our city park today for a few hrs. Found quite a few things for a park that is suppose to be hunted out. Ended up with 15 Memorial Penny's, Cool can w/ football lace on it, Some consistent junk, 3 Wheaties ( 1957 D - 1946 D - and a third one...
  3. Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood

    Temp hit 65 degrees today in Middle TN. So I was able to get out for a couple of hours. Found 6 Beer caps, 2 Beer cans, 1 Pull tab, Wad of wire, Front clip of kids car after getting hit by lawn mower, 9 Penny's, 1 Quarter,1 Dime and this thing that I could use help identifying it.
  4. Not Your Average Kids Toy

    Went out a few days to a new spot where I need to search in grids due to the size of the property. Searching day 1 a size 75' x 50' and only dug 12 beer cans and 5 screw caps in a time of 1 1/2 hours and the sun was fading into the night. Worked my way to a old maple tree when I got a i got a...
  5. River Banks Yes or No

    I own a 16ft bass boat and live near the Cumberland River. There's a lot of man made dams and reservoirs. One particular spot is where a Fort was located. Fort Blunt is what i'm talking about there was also a river trolly later built after the Fort was built. If I beach my boat on the river bank...
  6. Middle Tennessee Newbie to TNET

    My name is Bill but my friends call me Pops so I guess it's Pops to y'all. Really happy to pick up another metel detecter and scouring TN backwoods. Glad to be here