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  1. Beautiful 18th century shoe buckle frame

    Beautiful Shoe buckle frame the six pointed embossed star rosettes are excellent , a buckle manufactured late in the last quarter no doubt . great find
  2. I was SHOCKED to see this come out!!

    Maybe he was a defector Steve ... congrats on the button .
  3. Beautiful silver colonial shoe buckle

    many of these types are silver applied layer over brass and clean up pretty well , many of mine are shined up after cleaning with a jewelers cloth . congrats on an exquisite piece
  4. Well hit a bucket lister again and also need help with this weird buckle !!!!!

    The buckle looks to be an "openwork" colonial knee buckle frame
  5. Continental Navy

    Great buttons ! The Revolutionary war Navy is in remarkable shape , congrats
  6. Extremely Rare Miller 6.4-K CT Copper

    unfortunately there have been far more rarer ones that never even made the banner ... yours is a very nice coin though , congrats .
  7. Nice Fugio.....Newman 15-Y at a new spot

    hard to see the die crack to positively concur your variety , congrats to your sister ps. the new forum format sucks
  8. 1828 Large Cent and Wellington button from dairy farm

    Great finds , the commemorative Wellington victory over Napoleon button is closer to 1815 than 1820 and a few variations are recovered from time to time , the shoe buckle is nice but the "chape" is to a sash type buckle and not to it.
  9. Another early silver day!!

    great site , Paul . congrats
  10. Back to the late 18th century home site

    Congrats ! Its actually a decorative bolt cover to furniture , wooden beds often had these on them.
  11. ๐Ÿฅ‡ BANNER Mass Silver Surprise - 1652 Pine Tree Three-Pence!

    Congrats on the Mass silver and on your recent notoriety with the article .
  12. Newbie question: purchase Garrett atx induction Vs. Garrett at max

    you'll get the best depth on a mineralised beach with a pulse induction machine , their only draw back is their limited discrimination so if you have a lot of iron junk or debris then you will be digging much of it . best of luck
  13. Star button

    Congrats on the engine turned etched tombac
  14. colonial coin pocket spill

    the latter is not likely as he was a member since 2006 and had 2 other banner finds years before he posted this entry . The outside photo host is a lame excuse if that is the reason for its exclusion to the banner.
  15. colonial coin pocket spill

    One of the best colonial spills i've seen , amazing scarcity of coin types
  16. Colonial Period Adz?

    looks like a mattox or "grub hoe"