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  1. Antique silver ring

    I found this ring along the ohio river bank and have a feeling it may be an older ring. It is stamped "sterling" on the inside and has the numbers 668 or 899 on the outside depending on how you read it.
  2. Reward for stolen car.

    I found this tag at a house which ranges from the mid 1800's to the 1920's. It states, "$100 dollar reward for the arrest and conviction of anyone stealing this automobile No 4279". Along the rim it says "Universal Association Automobile Service" It is kind of self explanatory but i thought it...
  3. best freshwater scuba diving detector?

    I was wondering what everyone thinks is the best detector for searching freshwater rivers and lakes via scuba diving. I have an AT pro but i want to get into some deeper areas but a lot of the spots i want to go are iron infested. thoughts?
  4. possible presidential campaign button??

    I found this large object at a old homesite that dates to the mid 1800s. On the front it clearly states "the president" after that there is one more word, maybe two. the only letters that are visible are "DO_G..." the D and G are questionable. If its a presidential button the only person i...
  5. What are THEY? Strange lead objects

    I dug both of these pieces in the same yard fairly close together but i believe that they are unrelated. they are most likely turn of the century. the elongated piece has two brass hooks on each end. The circular object had the small copper piece over the front. the back has a small piece of...
  6. another check off the bucket list

    i surprisingly found this 1852 three cent piece in the same hole as a 1920s gas station token. super pumped didnt think i would ever find one of these.
  7. ALWAYS read the garrett searcher newsletter!!!

    I found this piece about two years ago in a trash pit and just kind of put it aside as "cool junk" HOWEVER, thankfully i noticed the full version of what i found in the garrett searcher magazine and the piece just moved up to a loftier position in the treasure collection! sorry my pic is...
  8. strange sinker-like lead object (previously posted in "todays finds")

    i found this lead piece in a old ford crossing among the usual sinkers. however, it does not appear to be a sinker as it has no holes. i feel like i have seen something like this before. anyone have any ideas?hopefully someone on here knows something. you guys are typically pretty darn good.
  9. strange sinker-like lead object

    i found this lead piece in a old ford crossing among the usual sinkers. however, it does not appear to be a sinker as it has no holes. i feel like i have seen something like this before. anyone have any ideas?
  10. Anyone on here detect out around Wisdom, Montana?

    Im going to be out in wisdom this summer for a fisheries internship and being from kentucky I have no idea on what the treasure hunting is like out that way. Just curious about what i can expect?
  11. Horse head cuff link

    This is a cuff link from a homesite that existed up until the turn the of century. I don't know anything about it but thought it was pretty cool and y'all would like to see it and hopefully give me some info on it No writing that Iv seen on it
  12. 1945 ?counterfiet Henning? nickel

    I found this nickel along the banks of the river and thought nothing of it until later. However, I realized that 1945 was a year that should have been silver. I did a little research and discovered that a man named Henning counterfeited nearly 100,000 nickels in the 1940s and 50s. However, 1945...
  13. EAGLE BELT BUCKLE!! I think its fake though....???

    found this today at a site that was there into the 1960s and 70s when reproduction buckles began to show up. Any ideas if its real or fake??? sorry for the bad pics. no markings on the back.
  14. Curious Inquiry

    Hi, I have been metal detecting for several years now and have always been skeptical about the plentiful existence of true caches. I was just wondering how often you all true cache hunters make good discovery?? I understand why you dont post your finds on here but was just skeptical and curious.
  15. Very small eagle button

    Found this small eagle button at an 1860s homesite. anybody have any info about it? there is no writing on the back. i assume it is civil war related but do not know much else
  16. 1897 Fourth of July pin

    Found this a couple months ago. It says Celebration: Fourth of July 1897. It looks like a military badge. Any ideas? i also could not find anything like this online
  17. Need help IDing this 1897 4th of July Pin

    I dont know anything about this unique pin or how much its worth/rarity. Just looking for some info? Has anyone else found one because i couldn't find any pics online? My camera is poor but is says "celebration" across the top, "Fourth of july" above the flag and "1897" below. ,