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  1. Bucaneers Sword

    Bucaneer's Sword Here's another item my father picked up as a child in a junkyard in New Orleans in the 1930's. He had it sitting in his attic of his washed out home due to Katrina. He was going to leave it along with other things for the looters but I said no way and drove down from NJ to get...
  2. Cannon Ball Question

    I purchased a cannon ball from an antique shop about 20 years ago but I'm not really sure what type it is. Can someone help me? It is solid, about 3" across and heavy, about 4 -5 lbs. Can someone give me an idea what type cannon ball this is? Or is it a cannon ball after all? Thanks for any...
  3. Hello All!

    My name is Jon A. and I reside in Glen Ridge, NJ. I am an actor/cartoonist and have a fascination for "treasures" that I have obtained in my life. I wish you all a fond hello and look forward to sharing photos of my treasures with you. Kind Regards, Jon
  4. Mysterious Bayonet

    Hello All, Here's something fascinating I'd like to get information on if possible. In the 1930's my father used to visit a junk yard in New Orleans and search for things that little boys like: muskets, swords, WW I helmets, and other war related items. He purchased 4 Civil War era muskets...