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  1. Lost Dutchmens Mine - In the news

    Lost Dutchmen's Mine - In the news
  2. Jesse James treasue

    Re: Jesse James' treasue I just read for about an hour in the KGC forum on this topic. Wow...
  3. Jesse James treasue

    Re: Jesse James' treasue And who the heck were these guys with? They had a badge on their belt and they all carried side arms. Then when they were digging the big target at the end, they made it a point to show a guy guarding the site with a shotgun. Also, they found more than 2 silver...
  4. Jesse James treasue

    Jesse James' treasue Anyone see the History International show on this? Show ends with them trying to dig out a potential huge KGC cache.
  5. Hunted curbs all day, and boy did it PAY OFF BIG TIME!

    Do you just hunt the curb or do you have permission from homeowners? Is the area city property?...I can't imagine being allowed to do that here in San Antonio.
  6. Battle of Medina Hunt again

    Roosevelt Ave and 410 is probably a better way to describe it. If I decide to go...Do I need to sign up somewhere prior? Or can I just show up at the Shell? Johnny
  7. Goliad, TX

    I mentioned this in another post, but ya'll should read Lone Star Navy. You don't know how close we were to not having a TX as we know it. Some incredible things fell into place and a lot of luck got us here.
  8. Goliad, TX

    You are correct sir!
  9. Wife Decided - Its Rockport

    Re: Wife Decided - It's Rockport A couple of places to eat.... Crab'n = just south of town on business 35 about 1/2 south of the hwy 188 intersection. Best Seafood Los Comales - In town near the intersection of Market St. and Bus. 35. Best Mexican There are other good places in Fulton. Hu...
  10. Goliad, TX

    I love that story. Problem is they let him go back to Mexico and he came back with a vengence.
  11. Goliad, TX

    I'm on a hunting lease in the area and plan on doing a bit of swinging down there. It's 1200 acres or so and I have not found any signs of prior habitation by anything other than cows. There are some corrals and livestock windmills. But not much else in the way of obvious man made structures...
  12. Looks like Ive joined the "Texas Navy".

    Re: Looks like I've joined the "Texas Navy". Read "Lone Star Navy" Great book on the history of the Texas Navy.
  13. Aransas County

    He supposedly amassed a large amount of booty that he buried on the "Blackjacks" - present day Aransas Nat. Wildlife Refuge from what I can gather. A widow of one of his former men watched him and several men carry the booty in to the oaks, then only Lafitte came out. Typical of a pirate, eh?
  14. Aransas County

    I'm reading a book on the history of Aransas County. I was unaware of just how much military activity occurred there and the many settlements that existed in the area. Have any of you hunted for Texas (as a country) stuff, Mexican Army, Civil War stuff etc. in this area. Heck, Ol' Lafitte...
  15. daughter in the lead

    She's all about finding some more. Tomorrow we'll go out and see what we can dig up.
  16. daughter in the lead

    So I've been hunting with my detector for about 3 months now. I haven't come across any old coins other than clad. Today, my daughter is showing me some coins she got from grandpa on his last cruise and it mostly some British and Barbados stuff with a few other misc. stuff thrown in. She says...
  17. Saluting the flag

    Veterans, servicemembers not in uniform may now salute flag 8/14/2007 - WASHINTON, D.C. -- U.S. Senator Jim Inhofe (R-Okla.) today praised the passage by unanimous consent of his bill (S.1877) clarifying U.S. law to allow veterans and service personnel not in uniform to salute the flag...
  18. lead slug???

    That about does it. I figured what I found was a modern 12ga slug or sabot. Thanks for the links.
  19. lead slug???

    Does anyone have a picture of a modern 12 ga slug vs an older lead ball? Thanks for help.
  20. Texas Cavalier Token

    Re: Texas Cavalier coin.....errr token I'm still learning the lingo. I edited the it should be acceptable and correct.