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  1. Quickest "Recovery Time"- XP Deus or Whites MX5

    Quickest "Recovery Time"- XP Deus or White's MX5 Hello All, Any info on these two machines is greatly appreciated. Does anyone own both machines??? Thanks!!!
  2. Gold Coins-Do they settle deeper than silver and copper??? What is your deepest?

    Hello All, Do gold coins generally settle deeper in the ground compared to silver and copper coins because of golds higher weight/mass? What is your deepest coin find that you think was dropped on the ground( 6", 12", 3 ft, etc??) I have just bought a bigger coil that will go a lot deeper...
  3. Has anyone used a MXT Max Coil??? Any advice appreciated...

    Hello All, I just got a MXT Max Coil to put on my MXT. Has anyone ever used this combo??? What should I expect concerning added depth and discrimination, etc. "I am all ears!" LOL!!! Thanks,