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  1. đŸ™‹ WANTED Big Bud Pro

    Looking for one with the blanker feature, Mike
  2. Bounty Hunter 3300/ F4 coils

    The new Fisher F4 being brought out by Bounty Hunter is based on the 3300 but way more powerful. But the amazing thing is the coils are interchangable, the F4 comes with an 11" DD coil like the T2, this means a 11" widescan coil can be used on the 3300 making it more stable in mineralized areas...
  3. Searching

    I'm new to roll hunting, and just came back from the bank with $1000 in halves, what am I looking for exactly? is it all Pre 64' coins? what year is a good cutoff point to start with?
  4. "how many"

    "how many" Just out of curiosity how many nickels in a pound? dimes? quarters? halves? Mike T
  5. unsearched silver

    Does anyone know a good place to buy quantities of "unsearched" silver coins? I'm just getting into this and I just ordered 80 silver coins for $172, and I thought someone might know somewhere to buy pounds of silver coins"unsearched". Mike T
  6. Unsearched silver

    can anybody recommend a GOOD dealer to buy quantities of unsearched silver coins? I bought a pack on EBAY yesterday of 80 unsearched for $172,a cigar box full, apparently they were in an estate sale someones collection, their in holders which makes me suspicious but I'll try it once. Mike T
  7. Killer Bee experience

    I bought a new set of Killer Bees Headphones from a guy on one of the forums. They were misrepresented and arrived with one earphone broken off, so I called Killer Bees and got an estimate for $30 to repair and sent them off with a check for $30. Yesterday a package arrived and inside was a...