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  1. ๐Ÿ”Ž UNIDENTIFIED Old Hatchet Head Found in Box

    I found this small hatchet head in a box at a yard sale. It's real hard to read the numbers, but it wouldn't matter since I have no idea how to research.
  2. Big Galveston Gold + Diamonds

    Found at one of the pocket beaches west of town using an AT Max and came in at mid-tone 55-58. 12.56 grams of 10K white gold with 10 1/10th carat diamonds (1 carat total weight). . I can't stop looking at it!
  3. Ed-D's 2016!

    A little late in posting, but 2016 was a good year. It was hard to get out a lot this year compared to past years, but the ground still keeps giving up the treasure. The biggest disappointment this year was NO gold! But I came on a foreign silver spill, some nice old Mexican copper and I'll...
  4. Real Nice Vintage Fred Harvey Bracelet

    From yesterday's hunt. I've found a couple of these and every one is beautiful. Read a good article, and no hallmarks or "sterling" mark is an indication of pre-1932 Fred Harvey Navajo bracelets.
  5. Good Silver, But Dude Where's the Gold?!

    I am in a serious gold drought. I haven't found any gold this year! I am digging everything I possibly can. As the Indian chief said in the movie The Outlaw Josie Wales. "I must endeavor to persevere". Anyway, the good Lord has given me health and the means to get out and dig, so I am very...
  6. Bucket List Silver ++++

    It took a lot to get to this spot at the lake. A hike, wasps, fire ants, briars, and wading around stands of trees, but it was worth it! My first barber quarter. I have found barber dimes and one barber half, but not I got that last one on that list. 1950 Franklin Half 1899 Barber quarter 1904...
  7. Large Mollusk Fossil (Central Texas)

    This has been my mother-in-law's and now I have it. She said her father found it on their farm in central Texas. I always enjoyed it and am happy to have it! It's about 5.75" long and weighs 2 pounds 10 ounces. Hope you enjoy.
  8. Good to be Back Silvers!

    After about three months of travel and work-work-work I'm finally home and can get back to the hobby I (we) love! I was welcomed home by these six friends and some of their buddies. More please...
  9. Weirdest Coin Star Haul Ever!

    Yes, much to my wife's embarrassment, I always check the Coin Star machines... I've always found just clad. This time was, well, different. 2 wheats, one is a '43 steel. A NYC transit token, a washer, two other tokens of some kind, and the dime/memorial pennies.
  10. Beautiful Old Pin and 1.3 oz of Sterling!

    Really good hunt yesterday that included a nice sterling spoon and an old sterling pin. The back reads "Siam Sterling". Siam became Thailand in the mid-1930s, so this pre-dates that time. Eight wheats, oldest a 1919, a couple of buttons and a dollar coin. Thanks for looking.
  11. Is this 1897 British Penny a rare High Tide version???

    Is this 1897 British Penny a rare 'High Tide' version??? I've searched for 'how to identify' articles and pictures, but I am not sure. So I thought I's post here and see if anyone can provide some input one way or the other. I've read that the reverse side is what indicates one way or the...
  12. Silvers, IH, and Some Cool Doodads

    I always love finding silver and an Indian Head is always great. But sometimes the relics and other cool doodads are a nice addition to the collection too! The IH is 1907. I really like the brooch thingy with the woman on it. The valve stem cover has the Michelin Man logo and "Michelin Tire Co...
  13. Silver Quarter Ring

    I know of people that make these, but never recovered one. The VDI and tone all said "silver quarter". When I dug it there was a lot of wet clay on the inside so I couldn't see the writing, and the rim on the inside kind of made me wonder if it was really just a piece of stainless. But when I...
  14. Need Help Dating a Token

    The website of the Aquarina in San Marcos, TX says they've been running boats since 1945. But cannot find any info on this token or what time frame it comes from. Same on both sides of the token and is slightly larger than a quarter. Thanks.
  15. Barber, IH, Ring, Old Wheats

    Good last couple of hunts. Had to dig lots of trash for these beauties. The two wheats are 1910 and 1919S. Plus the 1911D barber dime, 1948D Washington, and the 1906 IH. The ring is marked sterling and looks pretty old too. Thanks for looking.
  16. Ed-Ds 2015 Notable Finds!

    Ed-D's 2015 Notable Finds! It was a slower than normal year because of all the flooded the lakes, but I enjoyed it none the less. Here are some of the notable stuff I dug up. I appreciate you looking and hope we all have a great 2016! Check out the links below for past years totals. Jewelry 4...
  17. Nice 10.5g 14K Fatty!!

    Used the big Nel Hunter Coil today. This sucker was at about 10" under a tree root. I'll take that any day. Thanks for looking.
  18. Big Silver, SLQ, ++ and Other Goodies!!

    I'd say a real good hunt! A no date SLQ, 1943 nmm Walker, and a '44D Washington rounds out the silver. A couple of wheats, a cool old brass bull ear-tag and a brass cross. Then there's the rest of the neat stuff. Thanks for looking. ...and for those that like the dirt.
  19. Tin Lid ID Needed

    OK geniuses of research... First, sorry no size reference in the picture, but it is slightly larger diameter than a quarter. It has "Pat Jan" on one edge and the number "4" on the opposite edge. The two pictures are of the front and back of the same object, not two separate sections i.e...
  20. A Sign From Above?

    So I'm digging this old school site and get a great signal thinking "Oh yeah. Maybe a silver half, or maybe, just maybe, a silver dollar?!!!" I start to dig and in the clump I see the edge of a large round silver(y) coin with a fluted edge that is the size of a silver dollar. As I often do, I...