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  1. Gold signet ring!

    Amazing. Congratulations.
  2. Sterling Salt Shaker!!!! Wow! Another First!!!

    Incredible. Congratulations!
  3. Sterling Salt Shaker!!!! Wow! Another First!!!

    Incredible. Congratulations
  4. Effigy Mounds • Pre-Columbian Mounds • Marker Trees

    Northeast Georgia still has many earthen mound sites remaining, mainly because they are adjacent to rivers and creeks and in flood plain areas. It is extremely exciting to me to find pottery shards and arrowheads adjacent to the mounds.
  5. Effigy Mounds • Pre-Columbian Mounds • Marker Trees

    GREAT point. Here in the Southeast USA, the same has occurred as well. However, many people have become interested in preserving our ancient sites, and the city/county governments are beginning to pay attention. Obviously, many developers are not so interested.
  6. Effigy Mounds • Pre-Columbian Mounds • Marker Trees

    Is this an Effigy Mound?
  7. An Uncommon Coin Spill

    $1 Coins are still not used often in commerce (except at Carwashes that give back your change in $1 coins and in Ice Vending joke. I put a $20 note in so I can get back 10 -$1 coins, just for fun. Might one day find the one they placed in cereal boxes.
  8. Effigy Mounds • Pre-Columbian Mounds • Marker Trees

    Hi Friends: Please post information regarding Effigy Mounds or other mound sites. I am extremely fortunate live within 5 miles of this newly discovered Effigy Mound, located in Jackson County, Georgia. The county has purchased the land and will construct a public park/viewing area. This...
  9. Archeology News and Fact-Based Information
  10. Too Many Years -So Little Time

    Hi Folks - I joined Treasure Net in 2013, so technically, I am not a new member; just a member who is 8 years older than he was when he first joined has not participated on the forum very much. This site, in and of itself, is a treasure. I have searched 'it' many times in the past. I am...
  11. North Georgia Mountain Area

    Hi Gary - Glad to hear from a fellow North Georgian. (Northeast GA -for me.)
  12. Crow Creek Village

    Crow Creek Village

    Artifacts & Stuff -Crow Creek Village
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  16. IronOwl.Oct2021.jpg


  17. wolf cree springs combo.jpg

    wolf cree springs combo.jpg

  18. 🥇 BANNER My First US Gold Coin!

    This is absolutely awesome. Dahlonega GOLD !!!!. When I first opened your post and saw the surrounding wooded area, I said to myself "this looks like the woods in Georgia". Also, the terraces -or what appears to be- look Native American or pre-NAmerican. It almost looks like an old trail...
  19. Help identifying

    Hi folks -It has been a while since I last posted and I am not sure if this the section to seek help on identifying an item I found while metal detecting? Nevertheless, I will at least post a photo of it here..... and thank you in advance for any you might provide. Carl. (seems as though I am...