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  1. hunt through the ages

    Glad I could make it out for the afternoon, some interesting stuff showed up. Just need another plowing at that site because we covered nearly all of it yet again haha!
  2. Hard day rewarded with heavy iron, lead and silver

    Thought for sure those other sites were gonna pan out, was disappointing but the backup site sure didn't!
  3. Cannonball run 3

    Wish I didn't have so much work to do! Given the location, I'm guessing there is a lot more to come from that site yet, still targets spread across the site. I was looking at it on google earth and there's still a lot of wooded area around the edges that could be holding the goodies that we...
  4. RPin it on the Button Backroads

    Considering what we had this time last year it feels like a miracle just to think about digging let alone getting out there! And you dug some nice stuff at that!
  5. ๐Ÿฅ‡ BANNER Shakin up again on the old copper trail!

    Now that's a nice one! Couldn't be much better looking!
  6. Pewter Anchor + RP, 3 Coppers: 1807, 1832, 1888

    Haha yeah it couldn't have worked out better, check the signal, change the settings, dig a pewter a few seconds later! I got musketballs all over the place there as well, so there might be stray buttons around as well.
  7. Royal Provincials buttons and silver

    You had a pretty good day! Lots of buttons to be had there yet I'm sure. Glad we were able to get out again, the weather hasn't been that bad yet. Calling for plus temps after the forecast snow, maybe we'll be out again yet!
  8. 1722 KG i, 4 Shoe Buckle Fragments, Tiny Anchor Button

    Any day I'm digging targets like those, I'm happy!
  9. Pewter Anchor + RP, 3 Coppers: 1807, 1832, 1888

    It's my second recently, hopefully the next one will improve on condition again!
  10. Pewter Anchor + RP, 3 Coppers: 1807, 1832, 1888

    I'm not too worried about the ground freezing yet, but if we do get the snow having the coil an extra 6 - 8 inches off the ground never helps! Temps are supposed to stay up so it might not last even if it does come though!
  11. Pewter Anchor + RP, 3 Coppers: 1807, 1832, 1888

    Haha, I'm not worried, I've been seeing all the good stuff dug around me for the past few weeks anyway! :tongue3: As long as I'm there I have the chance to get the goodies!
  12. Pewter Anchor + RP, 3 Coppers: 1807, 1832, 1888

    Looks like we could have some snow by the weekend, but it'll all be there in the spring!
  13. Pewter Anchor + RP, 3 Coppers: 1807, 1832, 1888

    This was the spot the nearly perfect RP and snake button came out of, so there's a chance there are some nice ones left!
  14. Pewter Anchor + RP, 3 Coppers: 1807, 1832, 1888

    Patriot mentioned you guys wanted to come over, sounds great to me! We were still picking up targets till the end of the day, so I'm sure there's plenty more hiding in there. Hopefully a nicer RP haha.
  15. Pewter Anchor + RP, 3 Coppers: 1807, 1832, 1888

    Patriot and I got back to last weeks site to see if there was anything left to scrounge up, and there was! We hit all over the place and regridded where the house would have sat multiple times, and Patriot kept picking up the pewters. He got me to check his signal on one and with my settings the...
  16. 1710 French Copper, a first

    All the french coppers I've dug are about toast, still waiting on a nice on like that! Looks like a good hunt!
  17. Hibernia Copper and Other Goodies

    Oh I'm sure a good one will pop up soon, as long as I'm digging old targets I'm happy!
  18. Hibernia Copper and Other Goodies

    I'm always happy just to have the chance, I've had my share of great finds that's for sure. I'm ready for another good day there and the hunt for even more good sites is always underway!
  19. Hibernia Copper and Other Goodies

    As you can see from Patriots post, the site I mentioned last week turned out to be pretty good after all - but I seemed to be walking around the best targets and digging a lot of scrap. I did manage a handful of buttons, a 1781 Hibernia and a few other period finds. Can't wait to get out again!
  20. Rev War finds Rattlesnake button found by friend

    It really was a killer site, I'll have to look through my buttons to see if there's anything but I think they're all plain. A spot to return to for sure! The research was good, we were just on the wrong side of the river last week! I thought he was joking when he said he had the rattlesnake...