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  1. Confederate Civil War Find

    Nice button!
  2. Beautiful confederate lined C cavalry button!

    Wonderful 1st button!!
  3. ✅ SOLVED Artillery Fuse Or Farm??

    Thanks, I never mind asking.....because I have tossed a couple of finds in the past that I now wish I could take a closer look at.
  4. ✅ SOLVED Artillery Fuse Or Farm??

    Thanks, that was quick!!
  5. ✅ SOLVED Artillery Fuse Or Farm??

    I found this piece on a Civil War site where there was a lot of artillery action. I have never seen a fuse like this, however after recently seeing a US Sawyer time fuse I thought that I should check it out. I have found a hundred or more fragments and several fuse pieces from this farm field...
  6. First CW Hunt In A While

    I guess it’s case shot that was inside of the cannonballs. Fragments and the small shot were scattered all over the site when I first detected it….still producing but getting slower.
  7. First CW Hunt In A While

    Due to my Mom's recent health issues, I've stayed close to home and haven't detected recently. This weekend however, I made arrangements and took off to one of my favorite Civil War sites. I didn't hit a home run but I had a blast. I found several bullets, a couple had been wormed, and a little...

    Great find and restoration! My wife would love that one!
  9. Scored a bucket list Confederate Button today!

    That's a good one Clint!!
  10. Big Bucket list item

    Great find!! Now go and find another one!!
  11. Confederate: NC State Seal Button

    Congrats on the NC button!!!
  12. STUNNING ! Civil War U S plate and more today!

    Beautiful plate!
  13. Found a big unusual silver coin

    Nice silver!!
  14. 1600s low tones

    Hope you find the gold!! You'll probably find some great things during your search!
  15. A Couple of Hunted Out Spots Still Producing

    It doesn't take a whole lot to make me happy when it comes to relic hunting, so when I hit those sites that have been pounded I get excited to see any historical item pop out of the ground. My first stop today saw some Rev War action and with the help of a downed tree I found a large caliber...
  16. Shield Nickel CACHE and Find-of-a-LIFETIME!

    Great hunt!!!

    That's what this hobby is all about!!!! Thanks for a great description of what a great find feels like!!!
  18. 🥇 BANNER Failed Oil-Seed Rape - Day 2 - CELTIC GOLD & even more Fibulatastic...

    Beautiful!!! Congrats on another Banner Find!!