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  1. PM's ??

    Pm's are not showing up. I need to PM a member and I cant see how. Please help. GG~ NEVER MIND I FOUND MY ANSWER!
  2. Welcome to the newly upgraded!

    Thank You , Working now :icon_thumleft:
  3. Welcome to the newly upgraded!

    Where are my saved PM's located :dontknow: Also I do not see a way to pm other members.
  4. Any Bitcoin or crypto currency?s investors

    No Way, while you do have to reserve your spot there are plenty of locations left. I have a tracker that shows all the taken spots in your area as well as all available and it will also let you reserve your location while waiting for your hotspot to arrive. It is the miners/hotspots themselves...
  5. Any Bitcoin or crypto currency?s investors

    I can show you how to make money from thin air mining Helium Network Token currency (HNT) at no cost/risk to you. I can get you a Helium Miner for FREE! Tokens started out at .03. Current price is now over $18 ea. and you collect them for FREE. Send me a PM if interested! and I will send...
  6. Underwater sluice

    Good luck, and please post a photo or two of what you come up with, along with your results. Would be great to learn from your experience. Je te souhaite' GG~
  7. Underwater sluice

    According to his profile and the flag under his handle he is in *Ariege France. Lots of reasons for not using a dredge other than legalities. Cost or availability or ease of transporting it to the location just to name a few. GG~ *Ariege is a department in southwestern France, located in the...
  8. Underwater sluice

    Can not operate a normal sluice or a fluid bed 3 feet under water or even a foot underwater without a considerable drop to the sluice and a sufficient water flow over the sluice and even then it would not be very efficient. I would suggest something like the Gold Hog flow pan or one of the knock...
  9. ✅ SOLVED Recognize this design?

    Those are oak leaves, commonly used on utensils. That's all I recognize.
  10. Inlet size for a suction nozzle?

    I am like you, would rather build it myself even if it cost a little more in the long run. You just cant put a price on the satisfaction of doing it yourself :icon_thumleft: The Keene p350 pumps are rated at 400gpm. Even though I sold my dredges before moving to Arizona it looks like my...
  11. Inlet size for a suction nozzle?

    Just wondering what brand and model pump you used on the 6" ? Keene p350? Proline hp450? etc.
  12. Inlet size for a suction nozzle?

    Simplest way is to use a 5" suction nozzle off the shelf then run a 3/4" garden hose from the pump with a blaster nozzle and shut off valve on the end of the hose to where you want to dry land dredge. The separate hose with blaster nozzle will do a much better job of cutting into the dryland and...
  13. just for fun where would you dig??

    Hard to find gold in a big wash. I always look for a feeder wash that has large gravels and cobbles, Large cobbles means large gold. Plus it's more concentrated. But shhh dont tell anyone our secret. As far as that large wash is concerned, look for concentrations of big gravels and larger...
  14. Kevin in Colorado...and elsewhere

    Kevin I cant believe you're not using a dredge on that claim. Even a 3" would make a huge difference in the amount of material you could process now that you're on the pay. You have a beautiful spot on the river, I am so jelly. GG~
  15. I found a awesome specimen!!

    Either of you two want to double your money? LOL Great finds!
  16. DIY powered haulage

    Same company offers this for $439
  17. Best way to catch gold from crushed ore?

    I enjoy the Miller table most of all. Really the most bang for the buck and simple to build. Genuine slate works best! Dont forget the jet-dry to keep the flour gold from floating away.
  18. Best way to catch gold from crushed ore?

    I didn't say it wasn't fun, I enjoyed every minute/hour of it. I love gadgets :love4: But there is just no way to separate out flour gold in a hurry. Even using "charged" mercury you still have to take the time to charge the mercury, amalgamate, and set up to run it through a retort for...
  19. Best way to catch gold from crushed ore?

    I have used them all, and to tell the truth I have never recovered enough "flour" gold to pay for any of them. Forget about quick. Just getting down to the flour gold (100 to -200) is pretty slow going. In my experience the Blue Bowl is great at recovering "flour gold" but it is very time...
  20. Best way to catch gold from crushed ore?

    A Miller table works best when ALL the particles being run are the same size. Same with a blue bowl, spiral wheel, or any other device to a lesser degree, but it's more critical on a blue bowl or miller table. If the flow is too fast the flat gold will surf on down the table. Dont forget to...