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  1. Need Help....Ear muffs for Z-Lync

    Has anyone replaced there ear muffs for the Z_Lync WHP? I need to get new ones and cannot find any to fit. All help will be greatly appreciated.
  2. Elgin Watch help

    I had an awsome find over the weekend...well it would be even more awsesome if I found the whole thing, but the back of an Elgin pocket watch. I looked up the serial number and came up with... Serial Number SN Range Quanty Name Year grade size code jewels Adj/reg/etc. --------------...
  3. Notables for the past week

    Got to go out a couple of times with a few notables this past week. First time I found five war nickles in one day....they cleaned up real nice. The second time out was about to end up an all clad day when the IHP popped out from the plug. That made the day there for me. The ring didn't stay...
  4. A few from this past weekend

    Beautiful weather in Louisiana this past week. Got to have a little fun on the weekend... ended up with clad on a total of 24 quarters, 28 dimes, 16 nickles, 85 pennies. Plus the ones in the picture. Happy Hunting!
  5. A good day of digging

    Glad to have some decent weather! got to go out today for a few hours and came back with a pocket full of stuff. AT Max is pulling them from the deep. 11 quarters 11 dimes 11 copper pennies 10 zinc pennies 1 nickle 3 game tokens 2 Christmas parade throw tokens piece of a broach 2 tiger cub...
  6. Excited to have it working properly

    I recently got my new Garrett AT Max coil. It took care of all chattering . Can't say enough about the support at Garrett and how the detector works. I went to a local park that has a lot of trash. Went three days for about two hours each and found this....27 clad quarters, 23 clad dimes, 2...