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  1. 🔎 UNIDENTIFIED Unknown Lincoln head. Any ideas?

    This is definitely not an actual penny. It looks like it was something that was meant to hold a penny because of the tabs and holes all around the edges.
  2. 🔎 UNIDENTIFIED Unknown Lincoln head. Any ideas?

    Thanks for the response. In the one picture of the backside it appears to have a date of 1945. It is also the same size as an actual penny.
  3. 🔎 UNIDENTIFIED Unknown Lincoln head. Any ideas?

    This is my first time posting since the site has been changed so hopefully I do this correctly. I dug this at a location where there used to be a schoolhouse from 1865 to somewhere around the 1940s. Now there is only a partial foundation and several bottle dumps. It seems to have an imprint of...
  4. Relics dug around amazing earthworks

    I found the most amazing earthworks I’ve ever seen out in a patch of woods in an urban area. They were about 7’ tall in most places with the dugout for a big magazine still there, ramps leading up to artillery platforms, trenches dug all around them with smaller earthworks in front. I was amazed...
  5. This ones got me stumped.

    It may just be one of those things that I’ll never know it’s use for sure. If it were found anywhere else I probably wouldn’t be so curious about it but because I dug it in those earthworks it really got me wondering. Thanks for all the replies.
  6. This ones got me stumped.

    I dug this on the most amazing earthworks I’ve ever ever seen out in the woods unprotected. They were about 7’ high with artillery platforms, powder magazine dugout and trenches all around them still intact. This was dug on the outside slope near the top of the works. At first I thought maybe it...
  7. Need help dating Drape bust large cent

    I dug this over the weekend. It’s very worn and the date is gone but judging by the obverse design, the weight and what’s left of the face I believe it is a 1796-1798 Drape Bust. There were several variations and mistakes during these years as the mint was just beginning to produce coins. It...
  8. Need help identifying this trigger guard

    Man that was quick! Thank you.
  9. Need help identifying this trigger guard

    I dug this trigger guard near a large Union camp in Va. The area was also occupied during Colonial times. I broke it while digging it out of some roots but it’s still mostly intact. Can anyone tell me the musket it came from? Also any thoughts on the chain would be appreciated. In the same...
  10. Newbie here please help!

    If I lived in England I would be out detecting every spare minute! The history there is amazing. I am actually looking into taking a trip to Norfolk next year to detect.
  11. Mystery relic.

    No this is the side view but the edge is almost as thick. There are no remnants of teeth like you would see on a file. It feels heavy for it's size also.
  12. Mystery relic.

    This is one of those things that I may never know 100% for sure but it drives me crazy wondering what it was and who was using it when it was lost over a century ago.
  13. Mystery relic.

    I thought about that at first also but because the end of it was so small I wasn't sure.
  14. Mystery relic.

    I dug this at a location on the Appomattox river in Va. just outside of Petersburg that was once a Colonial town beginning in the early 1600s and was also used as an Artillery depot during the Civil War. I have dug several relics from both periods there including bullets, cannonballs, U.S. belt...
  15. Can anyone identify this button?

    Thanks for the info. I love learning the history of the things I find.
  16. Can anyone identify this button?

    Yeah it really doesn't matter to me if it is civilian or not. I just love finding history.
  17. Help ID'ing This Please...

    I use to wonder what every rusted piece of iron I dug was. I still do but I have given up trying to figure most of it out. If it was me I would soak it in vinegar for at least a few days and that will dissolve the rust. Then you may be able to get a better look at it. If you hit it with a hammer...
  18. Can anyone identify this button?

    I dug this in Va at a site that has a lot of Civil War history and also Colonial. It appears to pre date the Civil War. Its not very big. Measures .44 in. Possibly a civillian cuff button. I dont see any makers mark. Id like any info i can get. Thanks for looking.
  19. I found a really nice civil war display piece

    Was it a piece of wood or an actual nut? I always check trees when im in a known civil war site. But this is the first bullet ive ever found in wood.
  20. I found a really nice civil war display piece

    I was detecting a union camp last weekend and I found this. It was just laying on the ground and I couldnt see the anything in it but it gave a solid 19 on the nox which usually means bullet so i dug at it a little with my digging tool and there it was. How it lasted almost 200 years is a...