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  1. Beach treasures from Maine to Florida

    Beach Treasures From Maine to Florida. A metal detecting guide to treasure on the east coast beaches, and where to find it. Hello, My names Ray Wagaman and thanks for viewing my guide, Compiled of information I gathered to help myself and you as the Hobbyist, metal detectorist...
  2. Waynesboro Pa. 17268

    South Mountain Pa. Detectorist. Looking for other Detectorists in the area to hunt with and possibly include in recovery business. Ray
  3. beach treasures from Maine to Florida

    Just recently finished my book on all the public beaches permissable to metal detect on ,includeing in the guide is a ton of ship wrecks off of each beach as well. tons of info and top rated spots to hunt, along with possible finds on each beach. I have it listed on it's only $22.00...