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  1. Dad fixes hole in kids bedroom!

    It's easier to fix the hole:laughing7:
  2. Odd penny the size of a nickel

    I guess it was most popular in 1994, everyone seems to have the same date.
  3. Odd penny the size of a nickel

    Weird. Nobody seems to know. I did find this on YouTube
  4. Odd penny the size of a nickel

    Yes, I don't know either.
  5. Odd penny the size of a nickel

    So I dug this up Saturday at the river and before I cleaned it I thought it was a nickel, turns out it was nickel sized penny. What the heck? The edge has a groove all the way around too. Lincolns head is clearly bigger.
  6. Old EXPENSIVE shoes found

  7. What Alcoholic Beverage Got You So Sick, You NEVER Drank it Again?

    Ripple and Mad Dog 2020 did not treat me well.
  8. I guess I'm getting old.

    That's nothing, I went into a Woolworths before California made them put Cancer warning signs on their doors and went K-12th everyday with asbestos ceilings without sunscreen on.
  9. 🔎 UNIDENTIFIED What kind of pliers are these?

    Oh, those frickin' things:laughing7:. Yeah, I hate those
  10. 🔎 UNIDENTIFIED What kind of pliers are these?

    Are we talking the same thing here? I used these for 35 years and never once had a problem. How many amps are you putting through a 24 gauge telephone or communication wire?
  11. 🔎 UNIDENTIFIED What kind of pliers are these?

    :laughing7: I used to use tiny ones for low voltage swimming pool computer connections and telephone line connections because they self sealed with silicone and the wires wouldn't corrode in chemical rooms and kept them waterproof.
  12. 🔎 UNIDENTIFIED What kind of pliers are these?

    Dang, you'd think I'd know that after using scotch locks at work forever, I wish I would have found them when I needed them:BangHead: Thanks!
  13. 🔎 UNIDENTIFIED What kind of pliers are these?

    I found these and cleaned them up, tip has about a 3/16" gap and cutter.
  14. Hunt in the River yields BIG Surprise!

    Awesome, nice coin! My brother always cruises down the Truckee river in his wetsuit, brings up all kinds of stuff. I found an iPhone when they first came out, it was still working when it came out of the water, we called the owners home phone and he drove all the way from Reno to pick it up.
  15. Whos The Most Famous Person Youve Ever Met?

    Mike Tyson, Rush Limbaugh, Max Baer, Reggie Jackson, Kenny Roberts, I caddied for Butch Baird senior golfer. That's about all I can remember. Oh yeah, does the Golden State Killer / East Area Rapist count? I was at the shop the day he bought the motorcycle they show in his driveway the day...
  16. 1906 Market Street, San Francisco, after the earthquake.

    My great grandmother who was a nurse died from typhoid after the earthquake, they all survived the fires and crumbling home then gets sick, my grandfather was 9 at the time.
  17. Old Gold Ingot??

    Black Gold, Texas Tea..
  18. Ghosts lead to treasure

    I see an alien holding a baby.