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  1. Odd penny the size of a nickel

    So I dug this up Saturday at the river and before I cleaned it I thought it was a nickel, turns out it was nickel sized penny. What the heck? The edge has a groove all the way around too. Lincolns head is clearly bigger.
  2. 🔎 UNIDENTIFIED What kind of pliers are these?

    I found these and cleaned them up, tip has about a 3/16" gap and cutter.
  3. DEUS tone question

    Oops double post Oops double post
  4. DEUS tone question

    Okay, so I was using the hot program for fun today and was wondering what the fast "bloopity bloop, bloopity bloop" sound in between the other tones is? Thanks for the help!
  5. Biggest 2 1/2 cent piece ever. :-)

    Went out today and found a LARGE cent :laughing7: A silver ring, a solid copper ball about 1 1/2 inch in diameter, have no idea what that's for, A bunch of change, nothing old though. The big ol' 2 1/2 cent piece rang up at 94. (2 1/2 lb. barbell).
  6. ID numbers a little high in "deep" mode?

    I was using the "deep" mode today and noticed the numbers were a little higher than they used to be, checked again in "Basic" and the same happened, had to re-learn numbers, pennies coming in at 94-95, zinc pennies anywhere from 91-98, quarters as high as 99 couple times, nickels at 65-67...
  7. First Gold with V4 update

    Went out with the V4 and found a couple rings, one gold class ring and some clad along with some pennies, I dug pretty much everything to test and get used to the new program, I used the "deep" program mostly. I'm not sure if I paid attention more or if actually worked better. I found a '71...
  8. My Garrett Carrot tip wore through.

    My Garrett Carrot tip wore through and now it's giving false readings, sometimes stays with a constant beep on even when near nothing. Is it common for these things to wear out? I've had it less than a year and the tip is pretty much gone. I don't dig with it, it's just sanded off. Can you...
  9. Earring found and returned

    I was reading a local want ad yesterday in lost and found and a woman posted she had lost a very sentimental earring so I emailed her and told her I would try. Got up this morning and went hunting and searched for about three hours on a soccer field with no luck. I got in my car and was...
  10. Went back out and found gold ring.

    OOPS! Sorry, double post OOPS double post.
  11. Went back out and found gold ring.

    I posted a brass SF mint token earlier that tricked me thinking it was gold. I went back out today and found real gold!:thumbsup: I was getting discouraged lately, it's been a while since I've found anything besides clad and what do you know! I was actually after silver and I thought it was...
  12. This had me going for a bit, not gold.

    I found this about a foot deep, I saw the first half of the date and got pretty excited but turns out it's a commemorative coin from the the 70's. Oh well, it's still kind of neat. Big ol' token. The Mint began striking these small bronze medals for collectors back in the 1970s. This...
  13. Toys from the 50s

    The creek behind the school dried up, I found a few toys from the 40s and 50s. Cast .45 1948 Cadillac 1957 Matchbox Van ???? Trailer 1958 Wells Fargo Badge.
  14. Anyone else in pain after detecting?

    Hi, I started out detecting with a Vaquero and would go out for 5 hours no problem, never even thought about it. After that got a MX Sport which was sort of heavy, not too bad but heavier than the Vaquero and that's when this started, now using the DEUS. Problem is after about an hour my left...
  15. Family Heirloom sold at garage sale

    Oops, someone scored and doesn't know it. Linden Family?s Heirloom Accidentally Sold At Garage Sale « CBS Sacramento
  16. ✅ SOLVED Little Airplane emblem

    I found this in my yard about 4 inches down. Anyone know what it is or what it's off of? It's about 1.5" x 1/2" and aluminum.
  17. Are these Communist Investigation report books worth anything?

    My father in law died a few years ago, he was on committees investigating communists in the 40's and 50's. I found these going through his belongings recently. There are about twenty of them. Any ideas how to market them if they are worth anything? SF, LA, Hollywood….I found some copies of...
  18. Have the MX Sport updates been successful?

    For those who have them I'd like to know. I am really interested in this detector but I'm a little leary buying it.. How is depth compared to my Vaquero, does it really work on the beach, do all modes work properly? I have watched the videos on youtube but they're not saying much about it...
  19. Is this gold ring real and whats it worth?

    Is this gold ring real and what's it worth? This was given to my son 10 or more years ago and but I just found it today. My son loved to play pirates when he was about 5 years old. My sister made him a treasure chest and people would bring him old jewelry from garage sales to put in it, he's in...
  20. Gold Ring?

    This was given to my son 10 or more years ago and but I just found it today. My son loved to play pirates when he was about 5 years old. My sister made him a treasure chest and people would bring him old jewelry from garage sales to put in it, he's in high school now so he was getting rid of...