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  1. 1266X versus the F75LE

    Sorry, trying to figure this site out. Way, way, way too many sections, sub sections, etc. Out of all the sites I have been on over the years this one has so many topic locations it is extremely detailed. Not throwing rocks at it as it is a gold mine but will take some time getting used to it...
  2. 1266X versus the F75LE

    Thank you. Is it so much better than the 1266X it justifies buying one over my 1266X?
  3. 1266X versus the F75LE

    First off I hunt only Civil War sites. Second, I have a 1266X that has been a good unit. Talking with a lifelong Civil War relic hunter he says the F75LE will go 50 percent deeper and is a great metal detector for relics Is it worth the expenditure to buy one over the 1266X that I have? Many...
  4. Fisher F75LE

    Where have you bought your F75LE as I am in the market for one? This detector was highly recommended to me by a lifelong Civil War relic hunter.