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  1. Hi..

    HI ... This is sanddigger So were are the coins every one is finding ? I look on YOUTUBE and every one find Coins ? I live on Long Island > I DON;T Find Notting I go night day !
  2. Hunter

    WERE IS Everyone Go ? I see No One in the park no one at the beach were is evey one ?
  3. SO were are the club ?

    well , No one can tell me were there is a Club , on Long Island NY ?
  4. metal club

    I want to get in to a CLUB BUT Were on Long Island ?:hello2:
  5. Treaure

    HI , aii can any one tell me were there is a culb ?
  6. New York !

    HI Can anyone tell me were you can hunt or any good site ?Treasure Hunt I Live on Long Island Thanks Joe
  7. Metal Detecting Patches ?

    Hi all it Sanddigger , so is it Cold outside ? it only 05 by me in Long Island N.Y. Question I have vest I ware and I am all ways looking for Some ( Metal Detecting Patches ) to put on it. Were can I Get some ? if any ? Only 29 Days To Spring ! Thanks aka...
  8. Treasure Search By Chuck Connors ?

    Hi All , I have a Question ? Has any one ever saw the TV Show Call , Treasure Search ? Chuck Connors was in it ? anyone Know were I can Find it ? was it Ever on Tape ? VHS ? it was on TV a Long Long Long Time a Go. Thanks Sanddigger:BangHead::BangHead:
  9. Straight shaft ?

    Hi, All its Sanddigger, I Have a Question ... Has any one taken a Beach Hunter 300 and put it on a Straight Shaft ? Thanks for your reply .aka Joe:skullflag::blackbeard::metaldetector:

    Hi all it Sanddigger I Have am Other Question .... Has Any One ever Made a home Made Tumber ? For Coins That is ? Any one Have any Pictures of the one they build ?: I am Short of Money But i Have a lot of Time.. Thanks all for any Help.:skullflag::skullflag:
  11. Metal Detecting , Patches ??

    Hi, all Can some one tell me were I can get a fews Metal Detecting patches ? as I Have been looking for some to put of my vest. Thanks Sanddigger , Long Island New York.:BangHead::skullflag::icon_scratch:
  12. 1943 Copper Penny ?

    Hi, all its Sanddigger Happy New Year to all, and Good Hunting this Year ! I have a Question .. Has anyone ever find a 1943 Copper Penny ? I want to retire I Just Need The Penny to Do So, so It you have one and don't want it let me know ok ..:BangHead::skullflag:
  13. Tumber ?

    HI, All and Happy New Year to all, This is Sanddigger I Have a Question... has anyone make a Coins Tumber you Know Home Made. I Lost my Job and have a lot of time on my hands with ALL THAT Show ! up east on Long Island.:BangHead::BangHead:
  14. water Hunting..

    Hi, all its Sanddigger, I have a Question when you are hunting... Do you ware Sunglasser ? when looking at the water ? Thank for any reply. Joe:skullflag::skullflag:
  15. Permit ?? COST $$

    Hi, This is Sanddigger I have a Question can anyone tell me... WHY it Only COST $ 20.00 Up State New York... AND $ 40.00 On Long Island ? Long Island is Part of New York RIGHT ?:skullflag::thumb_up:This permit is For having Fun with your! Metal Detector, it Look Like no one can tell me why the...
  16. Beach Hunter 300 ?

    Hi, This is Sanddigger, I Have a Question , How many of you have the Beach Hunter 300 ? What do you think of this Metal Detector ? I payed $ 1000 for it about 3 years ago. I can not even get a Cup of coffee ! for what I...
  17. Beach Hunter # 300 ?

    Hi, all its sanddigger, I Have a Question How many of you have the Beach Hunter 300 ? and what do you think of this Metal Detector ? I have had No - Luck with this Detector, it as there is No , coins Rings any thing at all...
  18. To All TREASURE HUNTER ! Looking For ?

    Hi, all This is , Sanddigger From Brentwood New York as This is winter NO -One is out Hunting !The Beach.. I an Looking For some one To Get Together With and Go Hunting -Metal Detecting with. I have been Doing Detecting from the Good old Days. You Did Not Need a Permit ! I Go To manny Beaches...
  19. Lost Treasure ? On Long Island New York ?

    Hi, All this is sanddigger I Have been Doing Metal Detecting for a Very Long Time Question, Is There Still any Treasuer Left ? On Long Island ? I Don't want to Know were it is, Just Want to Know if any is still there were it was Lost ?:skullflag:
  20. Are You From Long Island New York ?

    Hi, all This is Sanddigger , Question Any one From , Brentwood New York ? Any one Want To Get To Getter ?:icon_scratch::icon_scratch: