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  1. NOX 800

    Anyway to find out what year the 800 was built via serial number? minelab customer service takes a few days to respond.serial number lookup only specifies if it is a true 800 or not.
  2. colorado detecting

    HI, Newbie here. Any Colorado detectors here? Am trying to figure out detecting for Colorado mountains and plains. I tried reaching out to the state forums.(no response).I tried reaching out to the local clubs.(no response).just wanted to know if a equinox 600 will pick up gold in the mountain...
  3. detect tools

    What are some of the top of the line tools for detecting for a newbie? I guess entry level to intermediate? I am seeing lesche,garrett,minelab,grave digger,etc... for trowels,shovels,pinpointers,etc... mostly colorado digging.maybe some gold in styreams.I just purchased a minelab 800 so I...
  4. minelab equinox

    Looking at getting a equinox 800 for my first detector. What are some of the best books/videos for learning this thing? I know everyone on you tube claims to know everything about anything. LOL! Been seeing a lot of the Andy Sabisch book. is it worth the buy? any other books like that? I just...
  5. wireless metal detection

    I am wanting to purchase a Garrett Pro pointer at z-lync,but I am getting a Minelab equinox 800.can you link those two? or do I need a minelab pinpointer? it's just a basic wireless system you would think. also,does the garrett z-lync pinpointer have sound when out of the wireless mode?
  6. beginner detecting

    HI guys, I hate to ask this as I feel I am not asking in the detecting lingo so to speak Can detecting as a hobby on weekends pay for itself within equipment within findings? Please re-direct me if in wrong forum
  7. MINELAB 600 VS 800

    HI,Newbie here. been doing a lot of research and talking. I am getting mixed results. I will be detecting in southern colorado/colorado area. I do know some of the FUNCTION differences between the 600 and 800. but what is the main definition of the gold prospect feature? Why couldn't the 600 do...
  8. minelab 600/800 use in colorado

    Anyone experienced with the minelab equinox 600 or 800? Would the 800 be best for colorado? or would the 600 be just fine as in gold? streams,rock,etc... I am not specific in gold hunting. Just for all around detecting. (relics,jewelry,coins,etc...and then go to the mountains and hit some...
  9. 600 vs 800

    HI,Newbie here.i do know the main differences between the two.what does the 800 do better for gold than the 600? does it find deeper smaller gold? why cant the 600 do that?

    HI,Newbie here.just trying to line my ducks up in a row with detecting. I have some questions upon certain models,equipment,rules and regs,etc...etc.. mostly recreational detecting in Colorado. where to start on here?