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  1. Battery Powered Shop Vac

    Anybody have any suggestions for for the best battery powered shop vac for sucking crevices and cleaning up bedrock? Also any tips or tricks for getting into those crevices? Is a hepa filter a plus or minus? My home corded shop vac took a crap and I'm looking to replace it. Thought getting...
  2. Gold in Chlorite Quartz

    When looking at some chlorites I found recently I saw this small bead of gold. You can barely see it with the naked eye but jumps out with magnification. I've seen some small black wires in some of it so maybe some silver also.

    I found a pocket of these chlorite bearing rocks last summer. Not sure what variety or associated minerals, but thought I would share some new pics.
  4. Digging in road right of way

    A county road next to Forest Service Has tailings from old [100 yr.+] placer operation. The road hugs the far side of the right of way. There are private holdings close. Some of the tailings front the private property. Can I dig in the right of way? If I claim the Forest Service does that make...
  5. What can I mine on a mineral claim.

    I was wondering what minerals can be mined on a mineral claim. Could you mine quartz, marble, or decorative rocks. How about phosphorus, black sand, or green sand. Can I mine old tailing piles and screen out the gravel and sell it? What are the limitations?
  6. Diamond Mica

    Found this in my driveway the other day. I had screened out some tailings and threw the gravel on the driveway. Missed this one.
  7. Metal Detector for hard rock

    If I was looking for gold in a mine or exposed outcrops what would be the best detector? I've watched Jeff Williams use a Gold Bug 2 for small gold. I know the Gold Monster is good for small gold. What would be your choice?
  8. Claim Question

    I was looking at Land Matters and seen a claim near me that has not been paid in 2020. Can I claim that. It had been active since 2010. It is very near to where I live and would be handy if there is good gold there. It was a producing area back in the gold rush days.

    Found these in a vein last week. Looked up green quartz and these looked like they could maybe be Hedenbergite. I had never heard of it but the one locality that listed it, in this area, was near where I found this. Has anyone else found this or have any ideas what else it could be?
  10. What is this?

    When out metal detecting Sunday I hit on this. Thinking it was another piece of lead I went to scratch it and could not with my fingernail. Pulled out my knife and was able to scratch it with difficulty. More like steel. Detector said non ferrous. Very heavy like lead or gold. Got home tried a...
  11. Tailings ?

    On our new gold claim there are many holes of various sizes and a bench. Can you look at the material in the bench and determine if it was created by nature or by the piling of tailings . I don't see any piles of cobbles and the dirt may have been carried to nearby creek or water pumped up and...
  12. Hard Rock Detecting

    I have a gold bearing quartz vein. So far all the gold I've seen has been very small, almost microscopic. There are mines close by with similar veins that have had rich specimen ore. I've only dug down about a foot on the surface so far, but am planning on digging deeper. I am going to use the...
  13. Dendrites

    Looking at rocks under a loupe I often see dendrites. I'm not sure what minerals make them. Some are probably manganese or iron oxides or iron sulfides or gold. I've taken some pics with a usb microscope and would be curious to know what you think they may be.

    Went out with some friends a couple months ago for an afternoon of rock collecting. Didn't find any nice agates but picked up these. This is about a third of what I brought home. Was saving a lot at first but got pickier as the day wore on. Was a fun day.
  15. Small crystals

    Found these the other day and thought they looked pretty cool under magnification. I particularly liked the leaf shape in the small vug in the pic with gold coloring. Any thoughts?
  16. Tourmaline Rossettes

    I found these on the edge of a quartz vein I was looking at.
  17. Is This Gold?

    I was looking at some rocks I dug out of vein outcrop. Across the opening of a little vug was what appeared to be very thin, flattened metal. About a 1/4 inch long, with another smaller one behind. Under a lens it looks like little flat pieces hammered together. Middle part looks a little golden...
  18. Coral

    Went out last monday looking for mushrooms. The mushrooms were spent but found this fossilized coral. One never knows what you will drag home.
  19. Tungston Mineral?

    This rock is very heavy. That's what caught my attention when I first picked it up. I'm thinking maybe a tungston mineral. Any ideas?
  20. Pseudomorph Starolite

    Found this in some shist. Shape looks starolite,but I don't know what the mineral is that replaced it if it is a starolite at all.