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    thanks for the trommel link.
  2. Got a Trommel? LET SEE IT!

    they look real nice.
  3. First gold!!!!

    congrads and looking forward to see more of you gold, thanks
  4. Everything Including the Kitchen Sink Recirc. Highbanker

    605 dano, looks real interesting and seems to work very good. thanks
  5. Making A Miller Table Using A Rubber Mat For The Surface

    thanks guys for the info. and help, appreciate it.
  6. SYMBOLS commonly seen on secret or private maps or stojne. What are they?

    BuffaloBob, interesting, thanks for all the hard work and sharing. take care and stay safe out there.
  7. Libby Creek

    Icollins, thanks for the tip and up date. no need to travel so far.
  8. Everything Including the Kitchen Sink Recirc. Highbanker

    605dano, really nice build thanks for sharing and giving us idea's
  9. sure is quite

    KBookerT, i am located farther north of you. above coeur d' alene .
  10. not much talking in here

    dg dug, best of luck to you.i
  11. Superstition Mts. new show on History Channel

    i was refering to bob schoose. thanks somehiker for the info. sounds like things were hushed up and that leads me to believe there is much more than is known.
  12. Superstition Mts. new show on History Channel

    was bob one of the guys that found the pit? thanks
  13. not much talking in here

    we moved to n. idaho awhile back but make trips to navada and arizona [ have family in both places ] up here i have been going through my gear to get it ready and to see if i need anything else. good luck folks.
  14. Mexican Pocket AZ Gold Stash

    s interestings
  15. not much talking in here

    why is this site so quite?
  16. Dodge City, Tombstone or Deadwood?

    been to tombstone a few times, i would not call it a ghost town but there is alot of history there if you are interested.
  17. North Idaho

    bluefrontside, thanks for the info about the show.
  18. Does everybody tent camp?

    gold maven, good story, I like it and had a good laugh at the end, thanks. I like tent camping but in bear country I gotta have something more bear proof. lol
  19. Part # 1 Carrara Nevada . On The Ghost Town Trail With Hoss

    thanks for the tips guys.
  20. Bazooka Gold Trap Sluice?

    dashriprock, i have never used a BGT but has read many reviews on them. pretty all the reviews are very good and i am also leaning towards getting one. i have a couple of other one that work ok but if i can recover more yellow with the BGT i am going to try it.