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  1. Gold folks

    The biggest problem around here is that corporations have blanket claimed almost all of the mineralized ground. They have no intention of mining it but might want to look at it in 50 yrs. With the rules changed where assessment work isn't needed they can pay there fees and just hold onto it...
  2. Battery Powered Shop Vac

    I was thinking of something small and light where you could just scratch and zip up the material. Maybe build a nozzle that would reach into the crack, with a carburetor that you could feather to send suction to small tip...
  3. Battery Powered Shop Vac

    In our forest they frown on gas motors but don't seem to mind battery power. The small 2 gal wet dry vacs have been getting better. You know how it is when your scratching down in a crevice and its hard to pull up material. I thought it would be nice to have some suction to lift it out and was...
  4. Battery Powered Shop Vac

    Anybody have any suggestions for for the best battery powered shop vac for sucking crevices and cleaning up bedrock? Also any tips or tricks for getting into those crevices? Is a hepa filter a plus or minus? My home corded shop vac took a crap and I'm looking to replace it. Thought getting...
  5. Gold in Chlorite Quartz

    I won't crush it. I'll keep the rock as a specimen. Not worth it for that small amount of gold. I just like the mineral associations in it.
  6. Gold in Chlorite Quartz

    If I click on the picture I can see the gold easily on my screen.
  7. Gold in Chlorite Quartz

    When looking at some chlorites I found recently I saw this small bead of gold. You can barely see it with the naked eye but jumps out with magnification. I've seen some small black wires in some of it so maybe some silver also.

    It is not a schist. Found in a neck of a dike boudin. Quartz and a light colored fine grained serisitic rock. I have many samples and see something new almost every time I look at them. A pic of the pocket.

    I found a pocket of these chlorite bearing rocks last summer. Not sure what variety or associated minerals, but thought I would share some new pics.
  10. Digging in road right of way

    Thanks for the replies. I will sample the hillside, leave the right of way alone and probably bring the screened material home to process in my recycling highbanker I have built. There are no large deposits there ,but was a producer during the gold rush and is very close to home. Appreciate your...
  11. Digging in road right of way

    In my state S.D. it is legal to set a sluice in a stream. Highbankers are not allowed. You can not pump water from stream. Whether panning or sluicing I was wondering about access to stream in right of way. I really don't think anyone would mind if I used common sense but legally could I set a...
  12. Digging in road right of way

    Thinking of logistics to wash gravel another thought came to mind. Can I run the gravel through a stream sluice in the stream that runs along side of the road in the easement? Like under the bridge?
  13. Digging in road right of way

    Thanks for the replies. I will prospect the Forest Service land adjacent to the easement. It has deposits of washed gravel on it,a few small terraces, but is a hillside. It looks like the old timers hit the sweet spot channel at the base of hill.
  14. Digging in road right of way

    A county road next to Forest Service Has tailings from old [100 yr.+] placer operation. The road hugs the far side of the right of way. There are private holdings close. Some of the tailings front the private property. Can I dig in the right of way? If I claim the Forest Service does that make...
  15. What can I mine on a mineral claim.

    Very interesting. Thanks for the info.
  16. What can I mine on a mineral claim.

    If the claim is for a valuable mineral can you sell other minerals or specimens that are valuable but have been withdrawn from claiming? Like for instance selling oxides from from mine dump for solar flow battery. Or selling talc from gold mining? Just some examples off the top of my head.
  17. What can I mine on a mineral claim.

    Ok, but in the past here there have been mining claims on pegmatite that were mining mica, feldspar and other minerals. Are they kosher?
  18. What can I mine on a mineral claim.

    I was wondering what minerals can be mined on a mineral claim. Could you mine quartz, marble, or decorative rocks. How about phosphorus, black sand, or green sand. Can I mine old tailing piles and screen out the gravel and sell it? What are the limitations?
  19. Macro Photography Tips?

    I had a cheap [<100$] usb microscope that was fun to play around with. It's limitations were very little depth of view, almost 2D. I did get some great photos of very small crystals that I would not have been able to get with my camera or phone. Unfortunately a Microsoft 10 update killed it. Now...
  20. Diamond Mica

    Not very large about 1 1/2 inches long. I've seen bigger diamonds, but I liked the stacked effect and was unexpected in my driveway.