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  1. not much talking in here

    why is this site so quite?
  2. prospecting western montana

    hi folks, hope all is well. we are moving to idaho, north of couer d' alene are but want to know if there are area's of western montana that are decent for gold prospecting? oldest son lives in n. idaho and when we are there we go out prospecting. have not prospected in montana but have read...
  3. eastern san diego mountains

    hi folks, please forgive me for asking a goofy question. i have a long time friend that lives out in the country in san diego and while visiting him i was looking around at all the big hills with a lot of brush and alot of huge rocks about 5 to 600 ft. away. i was telling my friend that the...
  4. buckabilly sluice

    would like to get some feed back [ good or bad ] about the buckabilly sluice. will be using it in calif. wash. and idaho. thanks much for your feed back and any suggestions. thanks much, take care. ron
  5. detecting republic

    has anyone done any detecting in the republic area? thanks much, take care. ron
  6. box of stamps

    many years ago i came into possion of a box of stamps, alot of them are 100 years or older and from differant time periods. example [ stamps from germany duing the war, some have be stamped in germany. there are so many interesting ones want to find out what they are worth. will someone please...
  7. st. maries

    is st. maries area worth looking into for an area to prospect? rivers - creeks? sure would appreciate some advise and in-put. thanks much, take care and be safe out there. ron
  8. washington unfriendly?

    from what i have been reading about washington it seems they are not friendly with people that metal detect or prospectors. are they passing [ more ] strick laws in hopes of banning all of us in the future? got way too many goof-balls in office. best of luck to all of you, take care and be...
  9. G-1 sluice

    just wondering if anybody has used the G-1 sluice from us prospector? i would like to know and will appreciate any and all info. take care and be carefull out there. ron
  10. carring protection

    was just wonder what everybody everybody carries for protection while hunting or working a area? thanks much, take care and be carefull out there. ron
  11. places to detect for gold

    i am hoping that i can get some in-put as to where is a desent place to detect for that yellow metal. thanks in advance for any and all in-put. take care and be safe out there. ron
  12. miller table

    astro, did you make the miller table you were going to work on? also, if you did make it, how is it working? take care and be safe out there. ron
  13. pop up campers

    we were thinking about getting a pop up camper but would like to get some in-put about them [ good or bad ].thanks much in advance. take care. ron
  14. wenatchee

    trying to find info. on wenatchee and prospecting. sure could use alittle help and will greatly appeciate it very much. :) :) :) take care and be safe out there. ron
  15. detectors and prospecting

    just wondering if there is much interest in gold prospecting? which one PI or VLF? are there any GMT's being used? thanks much for any and all info. ron
  16. info. on plumas

    my oldest son's best friend ownes 40 arce in plumas with a cabin and stream running through it. the property has been in the family for 50 years or more. question, is high banking also been stopped as dredging has? thanks nuch for any and all info. greatly appreciated. ron
  17. rocker box

    any in-put on a rocker box would be appreciated. i know they are alittle slow but are they worth using? thanks much. ron
  18. minelab for streams

    what model of minelad is water proof and able to use in streams looking for gold. thank you ron
  19. rocker box

    has anyone used a rocker box for prospecting? how was your results? ron
  20. atv recommendations

    need some in-put into which atv to to but for arizona gold prospecting. getting off the beaton path into the boonies. most reliable and versatile. thanks much for any and all in-put. ron