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  1. 14 articles of faith

    Does anyone have a copy of the signs/symbols used to represent the 14 Articles of Faith as of 1531? (and perhaps prior?) This would be the picture writing used by the Priest to teach scripture to early day Mexican/Indian peoples? Thanks! Oddrock
  2. Plant Idenification?

    Can anyone identify this plant for me. Was growing in a river bottom, very little plant attached. Thanks in advance.(US quarter for size comparison)solved Oddrock
  3. $hare alleged KGC/Outlaw signs/symbols with/out absolute proof/ none required

    Why not share signs/symbols that we think may be KGC/ Outlaw ETC with out arguing about which one they are....or are not? When we start the negative stuff we all lose! :laughing9: some one post one and I will also.
  4. Too Hot to Dig...

    Yee that can see, marker up for mee!
  5. Weird, cannot camera battery drains...but recharges

    This has happened numerous times with two different cameras....two different operators. While trying to photograph certain sites (with new or 3/4 charge batteries) after one, maybe two pics...battery warning...sometimes so weak that it is hard to get the lens to close. First few...
  6. Gauss 5000

    Anyone have any experience, results, opinions, etc. pertaining to the use of a Gauss 5000 made by Vernell of Florida, USA?