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  1. Old Hand Dug Holes Found And What Took Me There

    Dsty Glad your procedure went well. I have always enjoyed reading your posts and hope you continue. I came across my notes on codes I mentioned awhile back on one of your threads? Here is an example of two "T codes" as in Clave de Espanol. T=80 R=1777 U=325 I=400 O=774 E=500 A=1877 So if...
  2. Old Hand Dug Holes Found And What Took Me There

    Merry Christmas to all! Dsty I thank you for your belated reply....been so long I ... think I remember my post you are talking about. I stuck a wooden rod in the hole with the plug removed and went in that direction until I could go no further. (150 yards may be about right) Searched the...
  3. Too Hot to Dig...

    Happy New Year to You and Yours and everyone that is not anti-American!:coffee2: Oddrock
  4. Too Hot to Dig...

    Merry Christmas! Oddrock
  5. Indian symbols .. what meaning?

    I recommend "The Rocks Begin To Speak" by LaVan Martineau Oddrock
  6. The duck

    Pinwheel Your top pic looks like a "T" cross, perhaps representing the crucifixion. Below that where it looks like someone has removed some of the lichen....perhaps the curled up lamb as if sleeping. Oddrock
  7. Need a few helpers!!

    TH88 Thanks for the reply. With Springfield's info being pretty correct, about all I can do is wish you luck,........I think you are pretty much hamstrung by gov regulations and of course that is their purpose. To open an old Spanish/? mine with hand tools you probably need as many slaves as...
  8. Need a few helpers!!

    TH88 More interesting questions, if I may. Is your site on public or private land, and do you have a lease/contract agreement with the owner of the location? Oddrock
  9. Bear Spanish Monuments

    Hello Wannadig I would guess that if you have a dozen or more elephants with their trunks turning into shovels... then when you dig you might find a sign, but more likely you will need to plot each one on a grid/topo map, etc. Shortstack gave you great advice on one of these...
  10. KGC Symbols 200+ Pictures Found jars !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    CJR Welcome back... 200 pics...guess u owe us a few more? Oddrock
  11. Numerology

    hello eaglewings35 Books are available on for numerology/dowsing both new and used. (I never buy from anyone with less than a 98% rating) Since you are showing Clyde, Texas I will suggest also getting Steve Wilson's book on the Spider Rock Treasure hunt. It is an interesting read if...
  12. Found- Hernado Cortez

    Dog Thanks for showing one of the better shadow signs n how they change. I know you were most likely dissapointed at the lack of comments....that is only because damn few people have witnessed such and most only believe what they think they have seen for theirselves. I would bet the "farm" you...
  13. Can someone tell me if this is actually a turtle head

    coyote3 my guess is it started a long time before the spanish, (ancient) and they followed when they got here. Native Americans saw it of course throughout their time frame, Jesuit.....possibly, I did not notice direct evidence, but it could be there...? Then the digging 80 years ago ...
  14. Treasure Marks/Signs - Diagnosed Here

    Hello Springfield, Hello Sancho, I see the rock marker too. I like the precise shadow rectangle to the left, that the left side of the big rock is pointing towards. The second big rock, slightly behind and to the right, he points up.(if that is a string of drill holes on the left side, then you...
  15. Can someone tell me if this is actually a turtle head

    coyote3 You could have a turtle or a snake head. Check the direction it is looking. There is a propped up pointer rock below that appears to be pointing in that general direction. Also check behind the head as the turtle lays her eggs in the sand. in pic no. 2 looks like someone cut a blaze on...
  16. Spanish signs carved in rocks - I need a second set of eyes to look at them

    usernotfound In my opinion, shadow signs were made to show up at a certain time. Altering the contrast and brightness will show you a picture of the rock(s) and not the shadows. I believe the shadow signs trump the others. My advice may or not be worth the $ I charge.:laughing7: Oddrock
  17. C. Kenworthy MONUMENT SITES

    Hello Dsty I was taught that those egg shaped boulders represent the Omega. ( the ground = the horizontal line, the roundish shape of the egg= the upper part of the symbol) Oddrock
  18. Does anyone recognize any of these symbols?

    Sorry, was not trying to hi-jack your thread. (PatrickD gave good advice, rest may be combination signs, etc) Would start the new thread pertaining to the Spyder Rocks,...heck do not remember how to start a new thread since the change-over on this site. (Hoofer: Thanks for the reply, sounds true...
  19. Does anyone recognize any of these symbols?

    Sorry do not know of one available. Been wanting that for years. Probably too many variations for it to work all the time... Oddrock