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  1. Bizarre find

    I believe you nailed it ,this place never fails ��
  2. Bizarre find

    It also looks like something is inside but I really can’t see it well
  3. Bizarre find

    Any help with this would be great don?t even know were to start Was found in a civil war area but it is very weird .
  4. ✅ SOLVED Interesting bell found any info needed

    Ty Breezie ,always good to hear from you
  5. ✅ SOLVED Interesting bell found any info needed

    Thank you that sounds like a good start
  6. ✅ SOLVED Interesting bell found any info needed

    Friend found this bell here in Georgia wondering if anyone has ever seen one like it .Sorry this the only picture of it I have right now . Thank you in advance .
  7. Nazi item needs identifacation

    I will do some mesurments ,could be
  8. Nazi item needs identifacation

    Way to big its bigger then a table place mat,but you never know
  9. Nazi item needs identifacation

    Don't think so ,but thanks
  10. Nazi item needs identifacation

    I see ,well glad it is not a Nazi piece .Still wondering what it is and what the value could be .Thanks a bunch for your response !!
  11. Nazi item needs identifacation

    A women friend of mine gave me this item to see what I could find out about it .About 2ft long by 11 inches wide . The story from her was her father was in Germany during the war and brought this back .Made out of a very soft cloth. TY
  12. ✅ SOLVED What is it ?

    Thank you for your replies ,SOLVED !!
  13. ✅ SOLVED What is it ?

    Dug a few of these things over the years ,always wondered what they were ? I am sure someone here will be able to pick this one easy ,thanks in advance !!
  14. ✅ SOLVED 3 Civil war bullets .need help on Ids

    Thank you very much Cannonballguy ,I also dug a pockett knife which looks period but I know it is hard to tell if it is Civil war period Again thanks a bunch for your reply and Happy Holidays to you !!:icon_thumright:
  15. ✅ SOLVED 3 Civil war bullets .need help on Ids

    The blackish bullet seems to be a bit thicker and more crude than the one right of it ,maybe a tiny bit bigger .
  16. ✅ SOLVED 3 Civil war bullets .need help on Ids

    3 Civil war bullets .need help on Id's These 3 bullets were found near Kennesaw mountain,private property . I took 3 guesses but need an expert to confirm ,and thanks in advance . I think I have two colt pistol bullets and 1 enfield .I hope I am right !! The enfield ,if that it what it is hit...
  17. Nice token saved !!

    Hey its all good ,I just appreciate you chiming in and offering to update the catalogs listing .
  18. Nice token saved !!

    After having a member dig into history for me ,this token reads Scott Price, 254 Montgomery Ave., Good For 5¢ in Trade / National Billiard Mfg. Co .. Scott Price is important to the history of Chattanooga .He owned a larger distillery there in the early 1900s . If anyone has any more info on...
  19. Need helP on this one ,some kind of buckle or??????????????

    Think you are correct ,latch it is ,lol Thank you for your response:icon_thumleft: