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  1. Where to buy a Garett AT?

    Go with Wayne @ MetalDetectingStuff.
  2. AT Gold Advice?

    I'd go with the AT Pro. AND I'd but it from Wayne @ Metal Detecting Stuff.
  3. AT Pro?

    Talk to Wayne @ Metal Detecting Stuff.
  4. What am I to do????

    AT Pro coming on Tuesday, till then, what am I to do? The wait is less than desirable. Wayne @ Metal Detecting Stuff is the boss!:icon_thumright:
  5. thinking about AT pro but not sure where to buy one

    Metal Detecting Stuff hooked me up with the AT Pro package. Wayne is easy to deal with.
  6. graveyards

    Are they taboo? Legal to md on? just poor taste? i have one 125 yrs old by my house. I remember someone mentioning it wasn't good to hunt them. -Ty
  7. thinking about AT pro but not sure where to buy one

    i'm having no luck finding one either. can't get anyone to respond to my e-mails and it appears they are sold out everywhere. booo
  8. Simply THE best!

    who or what is the best????
  9. chuncho

    am looking to purchase an AT Pro package please email me ty

    am looking to purchase an AT Pro package please email me ty
  10. AT Pro or Whites MXT Pro?

    Taurus 92 is a knock-off of the Berreta 92 as well, and if you have ever owned/shot either you'd take the Taurus, just saying....
  11. Newbie to this need help....

    AT Pro is it.
  12. AT Pro bundle

    Garrett AT Pro newest version with cam locks and extended arm with 8.5X11″ DD coil Garrett 8.5X11 DD coil cover Garrett Land headphones Garrett Camo treasure pouch Garrett Camo digital camouflage soft case Garrett edge digger
  13. AT Pro bundle

    I found a local dealer offering the AT Pro Bundle for $XXX and was wondering if this was a good deal?
  14. DOH!

    WHERE FOR $490????????????????????????????? I'll pay shipping for that price!!! WHAT is Tnet?
  15. Lots Of Great Talent On This Forum..."WHAT DO/DID YOU DO FOR A LIVING?????"

    All I do is move things around, receive payment for this fleeting job, spend said payment, repeat. Then if time is allowed, I lose myself In a hobby such as MDing or gardening. The later is living.
  16. 505 or 705 Help

    Newb here decided to get 505 or 705. Can i switch coils and frequencies the same with the 505? Is either know for being "deep" with the standard coil? For my first detector is it worth the money for the 705? TY for any help!
  17. Welcome to the site! Please post an introduction thread.

    Hello my name is Chuncho. I am from star dust and am new to detecting and live in Wisconsin. Hola.
  18. Nick from Green Bay,Wis

    Hey Nick. Wausau, WI here. Newb myself.
  19. chuncho

    Speak Latin, play bagpipes and love books. :happysmiley:

    Speak Latin, play bagpipes and love books. :happysmiley:
  20. Newbie to this need help....

    505 OR M6 OR F70...HELP!! I am looking to buy a detector. $600-700 range I live in WI on a very large lake with thousands of acres of public land minutes away. I love anything historical yet monetary gain is cool too such as jewelry and coins. I prefer a detector that goes a bit deeper(for...