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  1. 100 year old Antique Hessian Soldier Andirons.

    So I recently bought an older house in Massachusetts and these were in one of the fire places. I've seen some on antique websites and I've seen some on ebay. These are in great shape. Any ideas on who would buy them? Thing is I have 2 small boys and these are like toys in front of the fire...
  2. Selling some Antique andirons, any ideas for the best way?

    Have a pair of 100 year old Hessian Soldier andirons that were left in the house I just bought, whats the best way to sell them or anyone know any buyers?
  3. Antique Hessian Soldier Andirons (Pic Added)

    I have a pair of appr. 100 year old Hessian Soldier Andirons I'd like to sell, if any one is interested I'll post some pics. I've seen these on antique store websites for up to $1650 a pair. I'd take much less or trade for a diamond or scrap gold. Let me know here or @
  4. Veterans Day

    Veteran's Day This may not be the forum for this but, Happy Veterans Day Remembering those who served. And honoring those who made the ultimate sacrifice and never made it home. Rest in peace my brothers in arms, you are gone but not forgotten.
  5. Cash$Treasures Marathon the Travel channel now!

    Thought some people would like to know.
  6. 19th Century Hessian Soldier Andirons

    We are buying a new house (well, new to us !) that was built in 1900. We don't close until October so I cant hunt the grounds yet, but as I was going over the pics of the house I noticed these in the fireplace. The couple we are buying from are in their 90's and are leaving a bunch of stuff...
  7. Changed my mind, no longer gas rebate. Now huge Cheeseburger fund.

    All clad today from the soccer fields parking lot. Did find a Elizabeth II New Zealand 5 pence though. I'm not calling my clad gas rebates anymore, a restaurant up past Gillette Stadium has a $34.99 five pound cheeseburger. All clad will now be my cheeseburger fund.
  8. 1895 Barber Half Dollar , First Silver Coin!!!

    Found this in the yard of an abandoned house about a half mile from home, 4" down! Only had an hour to hunt will definitely hit it again next week! My first dug silver coin!!! Its pretty beat up, but its silver and by far my best yet!!
  9. Silver chain!

    Had a free hour and a half this morning , hit a soccer park a mile away. Most of the clad from the gravel parking lot. Silver 30" chain (925) was in the wood chips.
  10. Buying silver bars. Help please

    So I've been buying some 1 oz. silver bars from a variety of places ( I've paid as little as 9.50 and as much as 16.75 in the past month ). At the price of silver now what is too much? I have a chance to buy 100 oz. @ 13.00 bucks each tomorrow from a private sale. I know the person and have done...
  11. What is the best metal detector (all around machine)?

    So, what are the pros using? What is the best all around metal detector? I have been using my ace 250 and enjoy this hobby very much. I want to upgrade right to the top, why wait! I will be doing the usual , some fields, some beach etc.... Thanks in advance ....
  12. 1916 George V Sixpence Silver!!

    Found this 1916 George V Sixpence silver in the junk draw at my mother-in-laws. Weird place to find it but a find none the less!
  13. Beach hunting with Ace 250, Pointers or modifications?

    I'd like to go do a little detecting this week at a beach in Maine while I'm up there. I have an ace 250. Anything in particular I should be careful of? I'm obviously not going in the water, but along the low tide shore line. Any help would be much appreciated, I don't want to ruin my machine, I...
  14. Last year for silver nickels, dimes, quarters and halves? HELP

    What was the last years for silver : Nickels, dimes, quarters and halves 90% 40% etc.... I'm sure you guys know off the tops of your heads! Basically what's the cut off for clad?
  15. Paying off my metal detector.

    I just bought a used Ace 250 , a digging tool , and made a probe. With everything I'm into my new hobby for about $200 bucks. I'm gonna see how long it takes to pay it off. Just a little case study, stay posted.
  16. Home made probe and inexpensive digging tool!!

    Home depot digging tool $12.97, seems pretty sturdy. Home made probe, 36" of brass probe cost $2.69 ( enough for 3 probes ), drilled 3/4 of the way into the golf ball and 2 part epoxied it in. Let me know what you think!
  17. Bought an Ace 250, new to metal detecting, any "must know" info?

    Bought an Ace 250, new to metal detecting, any "must know" info? Need some tips, advice, must know info , so I can get started. Anything helpful would be great. Thanks in advance!
  18. First Find

    So I've been reading this site for a couple of weeks now and find it very interesting. I'm going to buy a Garrett Ace 250, recommended highly by some of you guys (Thanks!), so until that happens I didn't think I'd get to post anything, but look what I got for change at the Dunkin Donuts drive...
  19. Need your expertise!!!!

    So I can buy a Garrett Freedom Ace Plus for 50 bucks. It works. Is this a good starter machine for me or should I Start with the Garrett Ace 250 for $212?????? Let me know asap , gonna meet the guy at ten if you guys think its a good enough machine to start with. Thanks