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  1. Awesome Buckle found with Simplex ID help

    I think you're looking at mid to later 1700's - Nice Buckle !
  2. CC- Seated QUARTER, 1850s Ring, Half Dimes, Civil War Relics

    You find really great stuff Buckle Boy ! Always fun to check out your posts ! Nice on the quarter !!
  3. No Banner Finds Since May 30th? What's Going on Here?

    I was wondering the same thing just a few minutes ago !
  4. Jesus, Buick and Happy Halloween (date the medal)

    I really love the Jesus medal ! I would guess 1930's..
  5. Empereur napoleon

    Could be a zipper pull ornament..not sure ?
  6. Nice Seated half dollar.

    Crazy good find ! I'd be over the moon with that !!!
  7. Eyeballed Ounce of Silver

    Awesome ! I'd wear that bad boy in a minute !! Cheers
  8. Eyeballed Ounce of Silver

    Nice score Buckle Boy ! Does it fit you ?
  9. 1804 Draped Bust Half Cent

    Nice ! You have a lot of detail there ..
  10. Unusual Dime

    Crazy amount of labor for so little reward ..I work with a jewelers saw and tiny drill bits fairly often - it wouldn't occur to me to try that with anything less than silver..
  11. 2 Men's silver rings less than 10ft apart..

    Greetings R&B ! Very nice finds !! It's been a good while since I found a silver ring ! I've been crazy busy with house painting this summer ( my day job ) Glad you're back finding and posting ! Cheers .
  12. Spur of the Moment Hunt - 4 Hammered!

    Another killer day ! Well done .

    Nice going Buckle Boy ! I found a Peace Dollar a while back , still awaiting the Morgan .Well done indeed !
  14. Roman Metal Working Field - 4 Hammered...

    Outrageous day ! I'd say - Cheers !
  15. The usual stuff from my land and the creek -

    Nice finds , I like the green rock .

    Wow BuckleBoy ! Great on the GW's - I love the silver religious medal ( such a personal item) the trifecta is nice too !
  17. 1817 Large Cent 13 stars

    Great looking coin ! Nice honest patina , and all the details you could ask for !! Excellent find .
  18. Small silver bracelet with turquoise

    Very nice find ! That looks like it was made in the South West, specifically New Mexico or Arizona . I would guess Navajo made circa 1970's /80's .