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  1. Elkhart/south bend areas

    If anyone needs help with detecting or anything related shoot me a pm, I have used most of the detectors and been hunting for a long time. I can do something early Saturday mornings. Greg
  2. Victory Ribbon

    Anyone have info on this by chance, its the size of a military ribbon, its attached with a pin on the back (pin missing)
  3. oddities from the last few hunts

    Elcar was a car that was made in elkhart around 1910-1920, the city button i think was for the trolley's 1910-1920,check the key ring.. they must of cut and soldered the ring to the key, tootsie toy rail gun
  4. Whites 5.3 Eclipse "V" rated Coil sold

    Whites 5.3 Eclipse "V" rated Coil sold New in Package Whites 5.3 Eclipse "V" Rated Coil $110.00 shipped Shipping is within the United States only and will include Delivery Confirmation. Payment options are: Paypal as Gift Option or Postal Money Order. If you don't want to do the gift option...
  5. Etrac and Dfx Books

    The Minelab Explorer & E-trac handbook by Andy Sabisch for sale, Slight curl to the cover, other than that it's in great condition $15.00 shipped. SOLD Digging Deeper with the DFX by Jeff Foster. Very good used condition SOLD Understanding Whites DFX by Jimmy Sierra Normandi. New condition...
  6. Teknetic Delta 4000 -=SOLD=-

    Hello all, I have a Real Nice Teknetics Delta 4000 with about an hour on it, Comes with Original box, Manual, Stock eight inch coil, Fisher Pinpointer and Generic headphones that come with the tek. $180 Shipped, Paypal add 3% for fees or postal money order. Thanks, Greg
  7. F75 SE/LTD (Black) Price Reduced $920 Shipped

    Hello all, Selling my 6 month old F75 SE with stock and 5 inch coil with extra lower rod. Looking to get $920 Shipped or make an offer. I will not ship outside the US and will take postal money order or paypal, If paypal please take care of those fees, there 3% or you can use gift. If...
  8. F75 SE for Etrac

    Looking to trade my 3 month old F75 se (all Black Ltd) with stock and 5 inch coil and extra lower rod for a clean Minelab Etrac.. I will take pics and provide my number so we can talk. I might want to do the trade through a dealer, so he can make sure everything is cool, Thanks, Greg
  9. Fisher F75 15 inch coil <Sold>

    Used about an hour, Just to heavy for me, works great and pinpoints dead on.If you would like a pic i can put one up later when i get home from work. Comes with coil cover and mounting hardware. buy today ship tommorow $200 Shipped Paypal add 3% or gift it,Us postal money order Sorry no...
  10. Sunray DTI 2 Meter -=Sold=- Thanks!

    Sunray DTI 2 Meter for the Minelab Sov Series, Has the slide mount or I have a L bracket thats valcroed to the back of the meter I Had the L bracket mounted on the handle of my Gt, Seemed to have a better angle to view the meter this way. Looking to get $150 Shipped for it. Paypal with gift...
  11. Lite Weight upper rod for Sov GT

    Real nice lite setup for the GT, this was made by plugger, Comes with an addon rod that slides into the back of the arm cuff so you can mount the Box, adds more balance to the setup. also has a new style of clamp to hold the lower shaft in place. This does not come with the lower shaft but it...
  12. Minelab Sov GT--- Sold

    Just purchased this new about two weeks ago and just cant get use to the tones and have to many machines. Will not ship international, Paypal users send money as gift or add 3% for fees or will take a postal money order. $700.00 shipped with insurance. Please feel free to pm any questions or i...
  13. WTB: Sunray DTI 3 Meter

    Send pm with price and pic Thanks, Greg
  14. Whites V3I 21 Months left on warrenty

    Selling my Whites V3I Detector (no headphones) 21 months left on warrenty, Have all original paperwork and Boxes, $1150.00 Money order or Paypal Will only sell to usa address's Thanks, Greg
  15. Whites 5.3 V Rated Coil V3I,DFX,MXT,M6

    Nice clean Whites 5.3 Coil for the V3I,DFX,MXT and M6 $90 plus $5 for shipping, Money order or Paypal Thanks, Greg
  16. Etrac Sold!!

    Stock Etrac with New UR30 headphones,used enviromental cover $1075 shipped (about a year old). 1 Herke Arm Cuff $35 If using Paypal please add 3% for fees. Thanks Greg
  17. 2 cent and a few others

    last few hunts this summer with the etrac...
  18. Few hunts 2cent piece

    Heres a few pics of some of the good finds i have had this summer so far...
  19. July 2 and july 4th (group hunt)

    Went out thursday for a few hours and pulled a nice indian and barber, Met up with the gang for a hunt on the fourth.. Nice diggin all...
  20. Sat Morning hunt anyone?

    Would like to get up early and hit something any ideas? South Bend, Mish or elkhart areas? Greg