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  1. First Texas going down

    Is First Texas headed down the same path as Tesoro buy rebadging the same metal detectors and not introducing new tech. I know 15 yrs ago me and other detectorist posting our feelings on Fisher cz series and introducing one with a programable platform like we are seeing from everyone except...
  2. Land Ranger Pro on nickles

    Read several threads about the lrp being weak on nickles so I assume it weak on gold jewellery?
  3. Teknetics Omega 8000 vs 8500

    Oops,wrong site
  4. Ordered a new Time Ranger

    Have a time ranger coming,thinking that it use to be the flagship model a few years ago that it must be pretty good. Should have read up before as ibeen looking around and see it does not ground balance in disc.mode. It's slow in trash,not good,and appears to be weak in the depth department...
  5. Does Teknetics make a tall mans lower shaft for the greek series?

    I'm just 6'2" but all the way out is still to short.
  6. Ebay buyers beware

    Bought a Garrett pro pointer off eBay fr "buti64" and Garrett called me today to tell me its a fake china knock off. They even deleted it from "My Purchases" after I filed a complaint. You need to look at the feed back before buying as after this happened to me I checked his feedback and he has...
  7. Garrett pro pointer

    I bought a Garrett pro pointer on eBay and sent in registration card,today I got a call from Garrett that the pro pointer is a china knock off.Beware as eBay has now,after I contacted them deleted the purchase from "My Purchases" and the seller, after this happened to me,I looked at their/his...
  8. Any facility left

    Any place that will still test possible meteorites and classify them. I know my favorite show,that's now just history"Meteorite Men" caused a huge flood of possible stones that makes it difficult. Why no Meteorite Men.
  9. Have a Golden Sabre ll on the way

    Don't really know why I bought it. The dual disc which I have on my tejon is nice but the notch width is what intrigues me. Cherry picker of jewelry maybe? How about owners and formers chime in and inform me as to the secrets of this old girl.
  10. Where are the MakroMakro metal detectors made? n/t

    Where are the Makro metal detectors made? n/t N/T ???
  11. What happen to the brand specific forums?

    That's the only reason I use treasurenet.
  12. Greek series nel sharpshooter

    Have less than 2 hours on it,not selling but want to trade for a tornado coil. I'll pay the difference in price if the Tornado is equally new,if not straight up. I am looking for something that is deeper than my factory 10" x5", the sharpshooter is almost the same.
  13. the big square pipe

    Never mind.
  14. radio shack 1/4" 24k gold plated

    90 deg. headphone jacks being clearancedn @ .27 cents,,regular price $7-8 :thumbsup: I bought all 5 they had,greek series really need them or headphones with 90 deg. end already on them,also nice on my cz6a as now i can turn it to the left instead of across my arm. Item #274-902
  15. Whats been your

    favorite fisher of all times..CZ'S for me..Haven't owned a f75 but do have a T2 and that my favorite none fisher..:coffee2: Fishers owned besides cz's are, 1266x,1225x,gold bug original. Wanted 1236x2
  16. I give up

    I'm hunting a school thats been demo'ed,i went there in middle school when they did desegregation back in the early 70's,,,yea i'm old..Any way the ends off of pencils that attach the eraser to the pencil hit 57-58 on my gamma,the same as a nickle..clean crisp and small like a coin..I now notch...
  17. Using pinpoint to saturate the target

    Something i've been doing with my cz's since the mid 90's is on weak signals is to pinpoint and hold it over the target for 2-3 seconds and then scan again,now the weak signal will be clear and you can even raise the coil 2-3" and still get a clear signal..Try it as it works on my gamma also or...
  18. CZ6a modded by nasa Tom

    what are the advatages if you don't gain a 4th tone? Is it worth the jack?:icon_scratch:
  19. Gamma 6000 coils

    Added a tek gamma 6000 to my arsenal a couple of weeks ago and really like it..It is the 8" concentric coil and am hunting a real trashy demo'ed school with lots of junk,machine is darn good as is but wondering if the 5" dd or the nel 9.5 x 5.5 Sharpshooter would work better..I know the 5" dd...
  20. The first time

    Today while hunting a school thats been demo'ed and finding lots of wheats and 2 silver rosies,nothing special about my finds except one of the wheat pennies. Strong repeatable clean crisp 82-83 on my gamma 6000,dig down 4" and find a 3/8"x4" long bolt with washer and nut on it,rusty as...