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  1. First Texas going down

    Is First Texas headed down the same path as Tesoro buy rebadging the same metal detectors and not introducing new tech. I know 15 yrs ago me and other detectorist posting our feelings on Fisher cz series and introducing one with a programable platform like we are seeing from everyone except...
  2. Downloading Legend 1.08 update

    Mine will be here tomorrow so i'm all ears.Detailed instrutions would be appreciated for sure. Thanks wayne
  3. T2 in all metal

    I have found i prefer all metal mode most of the time also,you still have visual target i.d but find stuff in the trash that i fell i would in a disc.mode
  4. New Vanquish 540 - Arrived Friday, March 20th - No Iron Bias Issues...

    13 is a nickel but a war nickel i dug was a 14 so dig 14's
  5. Vanquish 540 Nickel Finding Machine

    Fisher cz's love nickels also
  6. Best generic settings for the vanquish 440?

    Make a custom mode that best suits your needs in the mode you prefer. I hunt slow anywhere except beaches or fields so mine is based on relics mode for depth
  7. Vanquish in the Rain

    Pull the rain cover off an tape over the battery compartment would keep water out and reinstall the rain cover,don't use gorilla tape
  8. Teknetics T2+ vs Teknetics T2SE?

    Coming to from the future june 2021,don't hold your breath for a T3 because will die waiting..Sorry
  9. Minelab Vanquish Coils V8 V10 or V12

    The v8 is the most useful coil for 90% of sites for me,,if you buy a 540 non pro pack and want a 10" coil the coil is $129.00,the 340 with v10 is $199.00 and the 340 is a very good machine
  10. VDI's - 18 and 19

    Yep 10k gold ring i.ds 18 on my 540 & 340
  11. New way to carry your pinpointer

    Good idea,like it:thumbsup:
  12. Minelab Vanquish 540 with 8 inch Coil Test

    Its far more than a starter or beginners machine
  13. Private Permission, Yonkers, NY - Vanquish 540

    Love the shine of silver in the clod
  14. Question about notching on Vanquish 540 for nickels

    Dug a war nickel a few days ago and it was a solid 14 and on my Tek t2 was a 59 so they do read higher,,dig a 14
  15. New 540 owner

    Another thing is the 540 do not have modulated audio so you 'have to" raise the coil to see if its a big target or close to the surface,but it will soon become second nature to you and very useful....
  16. New 540 owner

    If your use to first texas or other solid beep and dig you will have to learn the minelab language as it is more of a blended raspy sound,but once you take time to learn it you will wonder why you waited so long as i did..
  17. Question about notching on Vanquish 540 for nickels

    Don't forget war nickels because of the silver content read 14 on my 540 or on my tek t2 59 instead of 57 for a common nickel.Just dug one about 4-5 days ago
  18. New 540 owner

    It's like learning a new language it takes time but it will become the norm given time..I have been using nothing but fishers and teknetics for 28 yrs so the minelabs is like greek to me but i'm learning it and it is proving it's self day by day.Hunt a demoed 1932 house again today and found 7...
  19. What Frequency is this Machine 540

    Multi-IQ technology is one of Minelab’s most impressive technological advancements. This technology allows the detector to function on multiple frequencies at once. Rather than having adjustable frequencies, this line of detectors can operate on all 5 of the frequencies simultaneously. The...