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  1. sad find today

    A true American! Good job!
  2. spike thing

    I agree with Cosmic, well point. I've seen a few similar ones.
  3. 100 year old Antique Hessian Soldier Andirons.

    So I recently bought an older house in Massachusetts and these were in one of the fire places. I've seen some on antique websites and I've seen some on ebay. These are in great shape. Any ideas on who would buy them? Thing is I have 2 small boys and these are like toys in front of the fire...
  4. Selling some Antique andirons, any ideas for the best way?

    Have a pair of 100 year old Hessian Soldier andirons that were left in the house I just bought, whats the best way to sell them or anyone know any buyers?
  5. Antique Hessian Soldier Andirons (Pic Added)

    I have a pair of appr. 100 year old Hessian Soldier Andirons I'd like to sell, if any one is interested I'll post some pics. I've seen these on antique store websites for up to $1650 a pair. I'd take much less or trade for a diamond or scrap gold. Let me know here or @
  6. Ring Hallmark Help Please...

    Try this website: and by the way , your beard rules!!!
  7. I dug a Springfield Revolver yesterday!!!

    Very very cool!!! Get out there and find the barrel!!
  8. what is it???

    Thats only slightly racist.
  9. Nickle of the Larger size

    I remember buying one of those at the Boston Children's Museum in the 70's!!
  10. Veterans Day

    Veteran's Day This may not be the forum for this but, Happy Veterans Day Remembering those who served. And honoring those who made the ultimate sacrifice and never made it home. Rest in peace my brothers in arms, you are gone but not forgotten.
  11. Found Gold Ring, Silver, V-nickle, Wheaties and Indians all at the same place

    Re: Found Gold, Silver, V-nickle, Wheaties and Indians all in the same hunt Great finds, as usual! Happy Veterans Day. Remember those who served, and especially those who didn't make it home.
  12. 1853 quater

    And if he found this coin here in the Northeast it would be a quahtah. lol
  13. Found a 1916 D Mercury Dime

    The holy grail!!! Very nice find. Shows that they are still out there, we have our shot at the other 263,999..... lol Awesome digs!!
  14. ✅ SOLVED Test your skills on this one! Spent years trying to ID this.

    Its a counter for buried Philippino treasure. Any donations?
  15. Cash$Treasures Marathon the Travel channel now!

    Thought some people would like to know.

  17. Some silver...injuns...and an UGLY 14K GOLD ring

    No such thing as ugly gold my friend!!!! lol great stuff!!!
  18. Silver right under my nose

    I wanna see the nails....... lol! Awesome find! There has to be more!!!
  19. button ?

    LOL. You got me.....