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  1. Charger advice

    I'm getting ready to purchase a Simplex WHP. I've been reading up on the manuals and I'm a little confused on chargers. What chargers are you guys using for your Simplexs and WHPs? The manual for the Simplex says to use a 5v 2a and the manual for the WHPs says to use a 5v 1a and says using...
  2. Rail under Simplex armrest?

    Does anyone know what the 'rail' under the Simplex armrest is for? It's about a foot long and looks like something could attach to it. Curious minds want to know. 😊
  3. New from Apache county Arizona

    Hi from the White Mountains of Arizona. I belonged to the forum awhile back, but I can see it has changed and I was unable to logon under my old name/email. Anyway glad to be back.