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  1. Finally! The biggest shiny checked off the list!

    Love those big silver dollars! Congratulations!
  2. ''The Hill'' - Day 7 - Hammered, 2 SAXON SCEATS & a Copper STYCA!!!

    Excellent assortment of finds!
  3. Draped bust half cent! First one!

    That's a beauty!
  4. I found a new cellar hole

    Nice ole relics, good finds!

    Sure is a beauty!
  6. Finally found one - 1785 Nova Constellatio!

    It's a beauty!
  7. On Sherman's Trail in NC(almost 158 years ago to the day!)

    You did great! Love those finds!
  8. Another Great hunt and a First!

    Very nice assortment you found including nice silver!
  9. 54 Gram Silver Badge, tiniest Fork ever and 0.4 Gram Roman Coin

    Beautiful finds your making!
  10. Back to the Buckle Site

    Very good finds your making!
  11. Productive Site

    Congratulations nice going on all your finds!
  12. ''The Hill'' - Day 4 - 2 Hammered & Very Rare Roman Coin?

    Lot of nice finds your bringing to new light! Keep it up!
  13. ''The Hill'' - Day 5 - 2 Hammered & 2 Bits of Treasure...

    Wow! Your doing great! Love those finds!
  14. Big silver at the old church :)

    Love those big silvers!
  15. Nice looking Leavenworth & Co Superfine flower button

    Cool find you made!
  16. Great Silver Hunt after Church!!

    Love that silver, chopped, diced or sliced!
  17. 🔥🔥⚽️Silver Hammered Coin⚽️🔥🔥

    Congratulations on your finds! You don't find those everyday!
  18. Another morning beach hunt

    Nicely done!