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  1. Coiltek 10x5

    Will anybody ever get these in stock:BangHead:
  2. WANTED; Coiltek 10x5 coil for Nox

    Looking for 10x5 coil for 800 Nox. On several waiting list, Must be in good working condition.
  3. ❎ SOLD Anderson 33 in. lower rod for CTX 3030

    Bought and never used it. Put a coil on it and attached to the detector, never been in the field. Paypal.......$70.00 to your door
  4. ❎ SOLD Sunray Gold headphones....CTX

    Two years old, but not many hours in the field. One small scratch ( see photos) other than that these are like new. No signs of wear...... tight new. Used them on my CTX 3030, angled plug. Paypal......$100.00 to your door
  5. Nox 800 arriving today

    Had to make a change, the ctx 3030 is just getting to heavy for this old guy. Love the machine but the weight is a draw back. Loved my AT PRO loved my Etrac...hated my Deus the 3030 is awesome, but ...........Hope this works out, not to sure about the target id after using the 3030
  6. Coinstar silver

    Been slim pickins lately, but I have my wife checking also......when she remembers:laughing7: She came home today with this hand full . Twenty five pennies....a quarter.... a nickel a Euro 5 cent and a 1958 silver Rosie!!:hello2: Good job sweetie
  7. Stock coil vs. 17 in.

    Have not used the 17 in. yet, has any one noticed much increase in depth or just better coverage. Got some crop field relics spots I may re-visit, if the depth difference is worth the extra or no sling:laughing7:
  8. Any ideas?
  9. ❎ SOLD Grey Ghost Amphibian headphones for ctx 3030

    Never been used.....Bought them a year ago, never used them. Never been outside the house. $140.00 to your door. Paypal ... Money order Merry Christmas to somebody.
  10. Any ideas? From a historical members farm, handle 13 inches long may not be orginal thanks
  11. Nothing earth shattering....but a first for me

    !943 nickel with mint mark above the dome on the reverse
  12. Garrett Pro-Pointers.....two in need of repair

    Two older Garrett pin pointers . Both with original box. One needs new on/off button, worked fine. The other works.... but erratic , keeps beeping until you turn it off, not dependable at all.....but fixable. Upgraded to waterproof $ 75.00 to your door for both....Paypal
  13. Any ideas? Any ideas asking for an historical society member?.....thanks
  14. Coinstar silver

    Coinstar haul at Meijer don't usually have much luck here....1962 silver quarter....two Canadaian dimes and some crusty lincolns and a slug Been an a rool this year with the silver quarters:laughing7:
  15. Coinstar ever

    Risk our lives to get groceries at Kroger this morning, hit my favorite Coinstar on the way out Wow.....two $1 Canadian and a $2 Canadian plus more Canadian for a total of $5.02 Plus $1.08 in Amercian clad.....Plus Silver........ a 1954 Rosie What a haul:laughing7:
  16. Coinstar silver....again!

    Been a very bad year detecting,....... having purchased a building to move our Grooming Salon to, from our leased location I have only been out a handful of times this year. Renovations are extensive!!! Thank goodness for the Coinstar at our local Krogers. Scored a 1943 quarter last month...
  17. Hard to concentrate with a view like this

    Love hitting the beach at sunrise, but so many distractions!!! I did get some clad though. ...Beautiful Lake Huron sunrise, two miles from home....I am blessed!
  18. The beach then the Fair Grounds

    Hit the beach at sunrise.for a few hours.....lots of clad and a beautiful view..........Headed out to the Fair Grounds. 4- H Fair got over Sat.. Hunted where the carnival was for a couple hours.....Oh boy, so many targets, I usually don't cherry pick, but I did today So many tokens!!!
  19. R.I P Gold hungry John was our ex township Fire Chief, We hunted a couple times together, and lived near one another ....Heck of a guy...will be missed by many.
  20. Coinstar silver

    Hit the Coin Star at Kroger about once a week, never anything good....just sticky clad:BangHead: Today I finally got my first Coinstar silver:hello2: 1943 quarter!!