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  1. How to locate a gold vein?

    Hello All, Since I started this gold prospecting hobby I've been on many river or creeks but just one of them makes me want to go more even if is not very close to my home town. The nuggets found there have irregularly shapes, not rounded and plate as from other rivers. Some nearby residents...
  2. Pyrite or gold in the rock?

    Hello, Found this type of rocks in the river. Could gather a lot of them. Can it be gold or is pyrite? Thanks.
  3. Real gold?

    Hello All, It is my first time I've tried gold panning with the panning set from XP. I have found this tiny pieces (0.5-1mm) and took them home. Is it gold or pyrite? Your feedback is much appreciated. Thanks.
  4. DDS waveform frequency generator for LRL

    Many LRL devices are using a DDS waveform frequency generators. Some devices are handheld and charge the antenna others are using a ground probe to transmit those frequency waves into earth. This method of trasmitting signal into the ground has any scientific basis? It's hard to believe that a...
  5. Manufacturers of Long Range Locator rods

    Manufacturers of LRL rods (TFR type) Hello, There are any producers or resellers of long range locator rods similar to TFR design? Would be nice to find some in EU. The only one in Europe I know is GDI selling a quite expensive: 950€ for the rod named Apollo and 650€ for the rod named Nemesis.
  6. Crystal amplifier for Long Range Locator?

    Crystal chamber amplifier for Long Range Locator? Hello. I am planning to make a long range locator. Some similar design as the TFR , made from milled brass with sample chamber and antenna from old radio. I can also add a mini jack connector to the handle so I can use a 9v battery...
  7. Conductive ground - long range locator

    I see on some long range documentation is mentioned "conductive ground" and ground balance value. Is the ground balance necessary? Is all type of ground conductive? If not it means that frequency will not penetrate till target.
  8. Long Range frequency for gold

    Hello, Anyone knows what frequencies to be used for locating gold? I've used 5000hz and 5200hz but these two also were locating brass (used bullets) on small depth.
  9. GDI - Spectra long range locator

    Hello, Anyone using the Spectra long range locator from GDI? (Deleted by mod for rule violation) I've tested so far locators from AKS, Golden Queen without any succes. The Spectra from GDI seems to be able to detect targets buried 50cm deep from 20m. So far I've done all my tests in the garden...