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  1. ❎ SOLD Minelabs Excalibur II with 10" coil price drop

    I bought this several years ago and used it in fresh water once on the beach once and in a couple of parks. Then I had serious hip and knee trouble. I can't get up off the ground anymore even after a hip replacement and knee surgery. The Excalibur works great. The cables are in excellent...
  2. Florida Wildlife Management Area

    The section of the statute looks like it is about archaeological sites. I got into a discussion with the FWC and he said I would get in trouble detecting for arrow heads. I said it's a metal detector not a stone detector.
  3. Spring ahead tonight Could Be Last Time

    I hope they don't stop daylight savings. I have been putting the savings in my account at Sun bank. I want to withdraw it when I retire!
  4. Replaced the O-Rings

    I watched the OBN video about replacing the O-Rings. Certainly a ground breaking tutuorial. My Excalibur II has many years of closet time. On my stick the O-Rings appear good, but they are quite old. I thought i was going to replace them. I have two types of silicone, snot and grease. The...
  5. New Member From New York City

    Hello from Florida
  6. Bringing a battery pack from near death?

    Hi folks, I have been looking at smart NIMH chargers to replace the dumb wall wart charger. Does anyone have any suggestions? Mike
  7. Bringing a battery pack from near death?

    Thanks! Good stuff to know. Does NiMH have a memory issue? Does NiCad have a memory issue? I think one of them does. Mike
  8. Bringing a battery pack from near death?

    The RNB batteries are tough to find. There are some NiMH available on ebay but no Lithium packs, to be found. .
  9. PP Mod on an Excalibur II

    Wonderful background information about a great loss to the detector modification brain pool. Mike
  10. Bringing a battery pack from near death?

    I purchased a set of the stock ones from KellyCo. They are not what I expected. The grasping piece has to be removed from the knob by removing a nut on the top. There is no room for anything but a pair of needle nose pliers. I ordered a set of the other ones with set screws off the web. When I...
  11. Bringing a battery pack from near death?

    Shoot, 4 knobs stripped and came off.
  12. Bringing a battery pack from near death?

    Okay 2 hours later I checked the voltage. It was in the 14 v range and after a few minutes then to 13.9 v It appears to be holding at 13.88 25 minutes later the battery is at 13.80 It's alive! Mike 3 hours and its at 13.74 volts
  13. Bringing a battery pack from near death?

    Hi, I misplaced my rechargeable battery pack for quite a while. I found it and it measures 4.58 volts. I am going to start charging it but it may be gone. I just got an AA battery pack, loaded it with energizers and it at 12.92 Volts. Anyone have any thoughts to pass along? Mike
  14. Lost the rechargeable battery pack for my Excal

    I found it!!:hello2:
  15. Lost the rechargeable battery pack for my Excal

    I ordered a AA battery pack from KellyCO. It came in today. I took it and walked around the house and pointed it all the nooks and crannys, the boxes and drawers. I spoke out loud and said "you can come out now" to the hidden battery pack. LOL Mike
  16. Lost the rechargeable battery pack for my Excal

    Yes and I have it next to my computer keyboard to remind myself to keep looking. I'm a bit of a pack rat so I think its around here somewhere. I know that if I buy a replacement the missing one will turn up soon, lol. Mike
  17. Lost the rechargeable battery pack for my Excal

    I have been hunting for weeks and cannot find the darn thing. :BangHead: I put the gear up in the summer before hip replacement and I can't find it. I have the charger. I have an AA battery pack but I'm worried about water intrusion. They say 10' max depth. I should have left it attached to...
  18. It was actually a couple of days ago

    On my drive home I was passing through a small town in North Florida. I saw someone swinging a detector in front of an old church. I was in no hurry, He was close to the road so I thought maybe it was no bother for him to walk over and talk to me. I wheeled around and pulled up close. He did not...
  19. A good find?

    Hi all, I found this set of coupons. They say they are good until Jan 2015.