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  1. Crystal club soda bottle

    I see a lot of these bottles in green but unable to find another one just like it that's clear. Is this a rare clear crystal club soda bottle out of Scranton PA.?
  2. Error penny

    So I found this penny in the change collected throughout my day. What do you think, is it a mint error or something someone made? I'm thinking it's a genuine mint error. I can't wrap my head around how this penny was struck.
  3. Ike dollar double die?

    Hello treasure net. Can you folks give me some insight into what i found, i can not find any anything similar to reference by. Thanks
  4. error coin?? 2002 vbd triple struck lincoln cent

    Hi treasurenet, I found this coin in my spare change. Can anyone give me suggestion on what to do with it. Thanks
  5. My first civil war find.

    I was not expecting this to pop out on the very first bleep of the hunt. My first civil war anything. I live in upstate NY and things like this just don't happen everyday. Pics to come shortly.
  6. Any lamp experts in here?

    Any lamp experts in here? Is this a stiffel? The good folks down the road were tossing this to the curb. Is it what I think it is?
  7. An hour to kill.

    Couple silvers and some clad. Just thought I'd share. Earring is plated. The Indian Head and buffalos are toast but there always nice when they pop out.
  8. Silver broach

    Silver filigree broach Hi folks, an average day digging yesterday until this beauty popped out. Possibly my best jewelry find to date. Can anyone tell me anything about it. I can't find a single Hallmark nowhere.
  9. Old timer

    Before the blade disintegrated I read 1940T. I found this in the same spot I found my 1947 Pepsi-Cola bottle.
  10. 1947 double dot Pepsi Cola bottle.

    I usually find treasures with a shovel in one hand and detector in the other. But today I was digging with a case 580k.
  11. ✅ SOLVED Any ideas