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  1. Anyone else watching the Barrett Jackson

    I kept my old hot rod. Bought it in 83 first saw in sitting in 78 paid about $200.00. I had to replace the Rad. and some small stuff. but she fired right up. I look up the NADA price guide for number 1 car $114.955.00 My hot rod is a 66 SS 396 Chevelle convert, 4 speed, posse 373 gears...
  2. I found this near Antioch Ca.

    Look up Black mountain diamond mine and Quarry between Antioch and Concord I believe its was a diamond mine? coal, and sandstone. It has been a long time sense I was in that area in the 60's as a kid. Good luck and happy hunting Bill
  3. Follow up: American Indian Stonehenge

    Are they rock or cement? If they are rock why would they be carve out a large sq. with round corners rock. Here in Ca, all the grounding stones are on bed rock that I have seen. How deep is the hole? If cement and they were made there I would think you would have found nails from the forms...
  4. Hello from Placer County, California

    Welcome from south Placer Uh-Oh I have to ask how did you get that nic-name.
  5. what would you do

    I really hate to say this but thinking out of the box might work. You could contact one of the T.V. shows that we see here on TNet. Sale the wrights to them to record it. . If they pay for all the cost for you to recover said find. You might want to talk to some one on TN. that have done that...
  6. Jan & Dean

    Not to be a downer but you won't come back from dead man's curve came to my head when I saw Jan and Dean.
  7. Best fiddle song nominees; here's mine

    Thanks Don That was some fantastic fiddling. Went will with my coffee.
  8. Is this some sort of blackjack?

    It looks like the one my dad carried in his back pocket and a 32 in his front pocket when he went to work .he was a Bartender. If the end is heavy its a black jack.
  9. ? & The Mysterians

    Jeff I like to thank you for posting these vids I was looking at the outfit of the group from 66 to 69 and the style of music. So much changed in those years. As I have gotten older I have forgotten most of the names of the groups and song. But when I open your links I can sing along and know...
  10. 16 to 1

    I did the tour it was fantastic! at the time I did it you could take a detector with you. This was a few years ago. One of the cool things was large 82nd Airborne flag hanging on the wall of the winch operators room. If you can go there do it. From flying through the air to deep in the earth I...
  11. Sterling Jump Wings and a Winged Head

    I think you need to look at what you found. Wing merc, Airborne wings. maybe you need to take trip. the dirt gods are trying to tell you some thing. Airborne all the way. 82nd Airborne 73-77
  12. Who wants an Equinox 600? :)

    If it free, I will love it. My whites coin master is not doing so will anymore. We fell down the hill I did better than it did.
  13. TNET Giveaway - Merry Christmas

    "I'm In"
  14. Do you have a saying...

    "Many look but only a few can see"... Bill
  15. Girls bleed too - Photo of the Year

    I thank all of are sister for there service. Yes we are family. God bless them for there sacrifice for us. I would rather have anyone of them covering my back than a stupid ass QB that has no clue.
  16. Oroville Spillway Collapse

    Why is the ground blue in the center of the pic.
  17. Rare Earth Metal

    Wow thanks for the links. I guess my bucket and shovel is not going to do. I am also not going to move Southern Calif. I will start looking in my back yard you just never know.
  18. Rare Earth Metal

    I know they are not gold but with China producing all that the U.S. needs and no U.S. mines thanks to the government. Is there a opportunity to start a operation here in northern Calif. So are there any here, what type equipment would be needed to go after them? What would be the easiest and...
  19. Found some hand stacked rocks way back in the woods.

    Look for trash around the area if old timers were there they left trash. They would not carry it out. You maybe able to tell what time the work was done.