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  1. Harmonica?

    I have found a few of them and thought they were from harmonicas
  2. Help in identifying

    I found these two yesterday and I'm told the cast on on the right with a belt loop in it is a sword belt plate. The one on the left is like an embossed thin plate of brass. Is it a belt plate of some sort? How old are they? From what army?
  3. Help in identifying

  4. Strap on Etrac

    Thanks guys.....I'll call around some more to find one. I got sort of accustomed to wearing the strap. Wouldn't mind another. Al
  5. Strap on Etrac

    I spent the week in Ocean City MD with my etrac walking the beach. Found a lot of change, some hot wheels cars, a cell phone and a diamond engagement ring. The ring is over one carat and the jewelry store said it would sell in his store for around 5000. Unfortunately he said he could only give...
  6. Question about Etrac

    REcently I bought an etrac with the standard coil. I am planning on going to Ocean City to detect and was worried about salt water conditions.I called minelab to ask if my coil was waterproof. Could I use it in shallow water? Minelab said "no" that the coil wasn't waterproof. Yet on the factory...
  7. A

    Hi Kayden what happened to the Ghost town group? Every day I log on to see what the guys are...

    Hi Kayden what happened to the Ghost town group? Every day I log on to see what the guys are doing and suddenly they are gone! Al/Lindley former member of the ghost towns of pa group.
  8. Newbie in Galway says hello

    Hey Ed I lived in Galway for a number of years and am now in the Southern Tier I went up to the Barkerville Church last summer and found some coins and a small gold cross. As I look back I wonder what it would be like to MD at the old Homestead Infirmary, near the four churches in the township...
  9. Anyone know of any farm fields worth detecting in Central NY?

    Hi Gary I'm new to the metal detecting scene..I have a minelab etrac and my brother and I have used it this year outside Corning in the old coal towns below Mansfield. We went to Harris Hill right before it snowed and had a great time. I live near Corning and thought that if it ever gets...
  10. How Many Western NYrs Are here ?

    Corning New york here. I spend a lot of time in the old coal towns of Pennsylvania nearby
  11. Tioga & Bradford County

    Hi I'm from Lindley NY and have been going down to the old towns that were old coal towns near blossburg. so far my brother and i have been to Fallbrook and two weeks ago we went to Landrus. I have a minelab etrac but haven't found a whole lot with it yet.
  12. ghost towns in northcentral, pa

    Landrus Pa. I have a 60 page booklet on Landrus Pa."Pennsylvania's Ghost Town and Electric Coal Mine' published in 1985 by Curtis Lytle of Wellsboro Pa. He covers the Topography and Town Layout, the Bear Run mine, Who lived there, Schools, Town life and Characters. It's interesting reading...