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  1. End Of Season Find

    Pretty much my only good find this summer. A 1839 seated dime in Anaconda. My very first seated coin and my oldest coin find. Coins this old usually didn't often make it to SW Montana.
  2. My Detecting Friend.

    Yes detecting is non-existent here in Anaconda. But I did run into my friend The Ringmaster from the " Diggers " show. Probably the only two guys from our small town to make it to big time TV. I know lots of people who don't care for the show and think these guys are hurting the sport/hobby but...
  3. Really Cool Find

    This is probably older than any coin I will find even if it doesn't have a date stamped on it. Found this obsidian core this summer while metal detecting. Right on top of the ground. I figure it got turned up after some recent dirt work in the area which was why I was metal detecting there in...
  4. Found This Not With My Metal Detector Though

    Found this on top of the ground while metal detecting in an area that had been recently graded up for a new trail. I am thinking it is a obsidian core from my internet research but not sure. Hope some knowledgeable people here could add more insight to this find. Thank you.
  5. Merry Christmas and a prosperous metal detecting 2016

    2015 was my best detecting year ever. I can only hope 2016 will be half as successful. Winter is way too long the older I get. Merry Christmas and a prosperous metal detecting 2016 Montana metal detectorists .
  6. Team sidewinder is now lcollins

    I posted this in the new members introduction thread also but seeing as most of my posts are on this Montana forum thread I posted here also. Howdy Montana diggers. lcollins
  7. Team sidewinder is now lcollins

    Due to a screw up on my part and having two accounts. Administration has kindly merged my team sidewinder account into my lcollins account. Same guy but now lcollins. Sorry for any confusion this may have caused.
  8. Before Winter Detecting

    Got these in a rush to get my detecting in before winter freezes the ground like concrete. The best one was the 2007 ATC $4.00 trade token. Not that the Rosies and the Wheaties weren't good because on a bad day they are a Wahooo find.
  9. A Wheat Harvest

    Found 11 cents of which 7 were Wheaties. 1944-49-46-42-36-52-49.
  10. Anaconda Curb Dig Outs

    The Highway Department is repaving the two main one way streets through Anaconda and are tearing up most every curb corner to make them more handicapped friendly. I have been detecting every one as they dig them up but am having some competition from another metal detector guy here in town. No...
  11. Detecting In February

    Due to almost two weeks of unseasonably warm weather I was able to get out detecting in February. Almost unheard of here on SW Montana but now back to normal winter temps and frozen ground again. At least it was a chance to relieve my detecting fever until spring summer.
  12. Lesche mini Sampson

    I am really liking my new Lesche mini Sampson ( 18 inch total length ). I have used the Lesche hand digger for years but the mini is the perfect size/length for me and my detecting. It is not so large as to warrant dirty looks from other park users. The mini also digs deeper, faster but of...
  13. Greetings From Colorado!

    :icon_thumright: Hello Fello Prospectors! We are hoping to get to know many of you very soon. Please visit our website and look around when you get a chance. Sidewinder Sluice (R) We would be happy to see any of you that may be visiting Denver Colorado and perhaps we can show you some great...