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  1. Drone footage

    Anybody use a drone to scope out new areas of interest? Bought a new one recently and it's amazing what can be found and the technology that's built into it.
  2. I'm back

    Well after a few weeks being gone from redcoats army I am back. Anything exciting happen?
  3. 1943 steel penny

    Just had a lady go off on me for offering her 1.50 for a circulated 1943 steel penny, she said I quote it's" super rare". I told her the value and she got mad, I explained to her the copper penny was the valuable one. Just thought yall would enjoy.
  4. First finds of 2020

    Civil_war22 and I went out and made some great discoveries. Found 2 buckets full of cork top bottles, civil war bullets, and all of the above lol
  5. New hunt today at 1800s home

    New hunt today 1800s home will keep updated on my Twitter page @2Relic. Like and subscribe to keep yall updated. Thank you HH and have a great day.
  6. 50 c token

    Found this token today, in a yard. Its a railroad town in arkansas.
  7. Back to our new small town home

    Found a few more coins and a token of some kind.
  8. 1940s for me yesterday

    Found 4 wheat pennies 1941, 42, 44, 45. Only wish I had the 43. Wish 44 was steel.
  9. Found in yard where civil_war22 found medal

    I found all these items in the same yard as civil_war22 found his banner medal.
  10. First 2 days with Equinox 800

    Well just got my Equinox in and went out with Civil_war22 and DiggerRJ to mine and my brothers site to do some civil war hunting and I'd definitely say I was impressed. 31 balls in 2 days. Now just to find some buckles or coins haha.
  11. CEN-TECH Pinpointer

    I kno I'm gonna sound like one of your wives or moms couponing, but I didnt have a pinpointer and yesterday I chased my ass finding 19 bullets. We dont have a local detecting shop and I'm on vacation for 2 weeks and need one. I picked this up at harbor freight for 16.99 on clearance. It has a...
  12. Equinox 800

    Getting my new equinox in today and going to be hitting a couple of our old CW sites saturday, can anyone tell me some good relic settings for bullets buttons and possibly cannonball, gonna be a new experience I was used to AT Pro. Thanks guys
  13. Nokta anfibio multi vs Fisher F75

    Am trying to decide which detector is better, gonna pull trigger on one before Christmas.
  14. Found another weird token

    Detecting on my uncles property where chinese railroad workers camped and found a token from muskogee. Brother found a chinese token a few months back there.
  15. Antique mini vase

    Found this in grandma's house seems to may be ivory. It has Asian writing inside lip of vase.
  16. whites classic id

    Anybody have a good detector gh ed y would be willing to trade for my whites clasic id with display screen? May be willing to put a little cash with it