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  1. New Jobe 2.5 dredge (Gold Rush Guys)

    Just picked up my new Jobe 2.5 inch backpack dredge today from the Gold Rush Guys. Can't wait for the weather to get a little warmer to take it for a test drive. Anybody in the Piedmont North Carolina region and wants to support a local friendly business go check the Gold Rush Guys out.
  2. Predator Tools: Awful Customer Service

    Just wondering if anybody else has received poor service from Predator Tools? I am going on 2 weeks without being able to get any information on my order. Come Monday I will have to file claim with Paypal to get my money back. If I would of known about this poor service I would of bought a...
  3. Siver on a Nasty Day

    Well, is was to nasty to do some hunting but i bought a soda at the gas station and got a 1962 quarter as change. Woohoo!!!
  4. 5x8 Coil

    Just ordered a 5x8 coil from Bart @ Big Boy Toys. Great service and price. Cant wait to see if it is all what everyone says it is!!!
  5. Mecklenburg Park Ranger (power trip)

    Well, i was hunting early this morning on some volleyball courts. It was early morning and i was the only person at the park. I was only on the volleyball courts when a park ranger pulled up in his nice new Ford 150 (my tax dollars pays for) and barks a order over his loud speaker to "get out...
  6. First Silver Necklace with ATP

    Found a nice silver necklace at a local volley ball court. The ATP was hitting on targets 12 plus inches past the courts white sand into the clay. Amazing. I had to turn down the sensitivity b/c i was looking for rings in the sand. Been to this place several times with my Teroso and never...
  7. South Charlotte Creeks

    I am curious if anybody has had any luck prospecting creeks in south Charlotte? I know there are many past mines in the area. I am looking to poke around in Steele Creek, Irwin Creek, Sugar Creek, and Little Sugar Creek. Anybody with some past knowledge they are willing to share would be great.