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  1. Assay Report. Thought some might like to see what one looks like.

    Here is a couple of pics. Both pics are of the same report.
  2. Rule out The Philly Maridian !!

    After some R&I, if Swift went 83 degrees west of Philly it will take a dive team to find the mines , Because 83 degrees West of Philly will put you in the Pacific not on the coast but near the middle. Guess we're going to have to go to a different meridian to start from with Swifts map that...
  3. Silver value in Swifts time.

    I guess this is kind of a crazy question but I suppose that a silver dollar then was worth a dollar in those days. I guess the big question would be how much silver would have to come out of a ton of ore/rock to make it worthwhile to mine silver
  4. Interesting Maps 1776

    Here are a couple of links to some maps that might be of some help. They have many features without state and county lines to distract ones mind. Enjoy !!
  5. The Roll Long Hunters Play during Swifts time

    Was doing some research and ran across this and found it interesting. Thought I'd share it with everyone.
  6. Louisa/Levisa Fork of the Sandy

    Very interesting info in the article 164 +/- river that starts around Grundy,Va. Swift always refers to the Sandy river/creek in the journal. I guess the last fork of the Sandy would be considered where the Russel Fk. runs in below Fishtrap Dam on...
  7. What was Swifts definition of a River ?

    This is a question that keeps coming to my mind. I've been doing some research on it . It might surprise one to know that it's not as simple as ya think. I was surprised.
  8. Appalachian Mountains Passes

    Here is a Partial list of Mtn Passes through the Appalachian Mtns. Va. . Most have major St/U.S Route's through them. Most of them probably followed old buffalo/wildlife migration trails through them in Swift days. The bottom link is the page if ya want to check out all of them...
  9. Kanaha Trail Present day RT.60

    Found this while prowling around doing research. Anyone interested in buffalo trails/Indian paths or the Rt the Indians took after capturing Jenny Wiley should like the read.
  10. Early Irish pioneers in Ky.

    Could it be that some of the rock carvings we see while searching for Swifts mine/treasures could actually be Irish in nature? While reading this article I saw some familiar markings, read through it and I think you might agree...
  11. Decription of Ore Swift mined

    With all the legends and stuff I've read about Swift, his travels and troubles , I have never that I recall read a description of the ore or color of rock that they got the silver out of. Was just wondering, has anyone else noticed this ???
  12. Welsh predating Columbus

    Was reading through Appalachian History and found an interesting article about the Welsh predating the 13 colonies They were a people called Welsh and they had crossed the Great Water - Appalachian History This could explain some of the rock carvings we find.
  13. Mine Pics

    Ran into this the other day. 2 mine with a pillar in between. These are at almost 1300 ft. in elevation and you can walk within 25 yds. of them and never know they're there. There is another mine near by but will have to wait till leaves fall to get a pic of it.
  14. Topo Maps

    Anyone else researching Swift run across topo map with an area of interest blacked out ??
  15. Question about Swift and Boone

    Why does everyone relate Swift traveling Boones Cumberland Trail , when in reality Swift was traveling into Ky. in the 60's and the Cumberland Trail wasn't blazed until mid to late 70's ???
  16. The Balanced Rock , Ridge Top Watering Hole

    Very interesting rock. A pic of a watering hole on a ridge. If you look close you can see the blue sky reflecting in it. The elevation at this watering hole is 1100 ft.
  17. Effects of the New Madrid quake On Swifts Markers

    Has anyone ever given any thought to the effect the New Madrid Quake of 1811/1812 had on some of the marker mention in the Swift legend?? The needle eye rock, the rock bridges and natural arches are just a few that come to mind . I'm sure with the quake there was many arches that collapsed ...