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  1. Awesome Weird Ring

    Nice Find! Also there are some 1959 one cents out there with a wheat obverse. Can be worth quite a bit.
  2. Fall Colors

    Thanks for sharing those photo"s! By the beginning of this next weekend we should start to see the Fall colors to show themselves. I am also finally getting things out from the tarps and into the new shed. Need to get that done before we get any snow.
  3. Scraper help

    Interesting broad edged scraper, showing a well used surface on the two ends. But, I believe that they also used the the long edge to work with. I am thinking paleo due to the larger defined flaking on the edges. That is a very nice find!
  4. First Morgan Silver found on an 1800's plantation site in Alabama.

    Congratulations! Super find. Found one quite a few years ago. You will most likely never forget the thrill of finding one.
  5. old digger

    I will get back to you. I would like $15.00 plus shipping.

    I will get back to you. I would like $15.00 plus shipping.
  6. Artifact or natural?

    More photo's would help, but from what I am seeing I would suggest, natural.
  7. What is this spearheads official name

    Your item in question looks like it may have been utilized as a knife, but not familiar with name classification.

    Well Folks, Times up! I Win!
  9. Close call

    Glad that you did not get bit!
  10. 🔎 UNIDENTIFIED Is this a farm machinery part?

    I am going to say that it looks like an older tractor brake pedal.
  11. Update on Old Digger

    Thanks to all of you for the condolences and get wells.
  12. Update on Old Digger

    Beings that my lungs are still compromised, I have this unstoppable cough. I went on line and found out that it is a after effect of the virus. The cough is triggered by nerve cells in your throat, that when triggered send out impulses that create a "zing" feeling in your throat causing you to...
  13. ✅ SOLVED Need help identifying

    I believe that goes inside a hand-cranked coffee mill
  14. Amazing find from the vikingage!

    Congratulations! Super old find.
  15. Killer adze

    That is a very nice find! Cool.
  16. Update on Old Digger

    Thank You TnMountians. Well Folks, it has been several months of difficulty. Both my wife came down with the covid, and spent at least two months in the hospital and advanced care. At the same both of us had a brother that passed away from this terrible affliction. We were both on oxygen, but I...
  17. Help me Identify this stone

    There is an area near here that you can find those stones that are similar to your example. We, I refer to them as ''Indian Marbles'', though not actually used by the Native Americans. The ones that I have found, all have the similar structure of lines radiating out from the center. As...
  18. Help me Identify this stone

    I guess no response from the original poster?
  19. Help me Identify this stone

    Welcome to tnet! It might help if you explain in what general area (state, county) this object was found. Also, if it was a surface find or dug out of the ground?
  20. One outta the cornfield

    Excellent Find! :icon_thumleft: Neat material.